Best CD with a muted horn?

I know this might be a silly question, but I love the sound of a muted trumpet.

Is there a "king" of the muted trumpet?
I don't know who the King is, but there is fabulous trumpet work on the Ellington Blues in Orbit disc.
Molvaer Nils Petter "Khmer" on ECM
Try Wynton Marsalis... Hot House Flowers, esp. Track #6 Melancholia. His muted playing with full orchestra in the background is hauntingly beautiful.
Well Blueshirt, I second Frogman about Miles. There are several Ballads and Love Song discs around where he plays some very sweet muted stuff. Cheers
Jackie Gleason used Bobby Hackett with his trumpet in his
CD's. Music, Martinis, and Memories. Music for Lovers Only. Music To Make You Misty. Go to or call 800-923-1122 for there
A brand new CD Alan Kaplan with his trombone in LONELY TOWN
will fit the bill. It's only avaiable from his websit This is audiopohile qualilty.
MILES DAVIS! Check out "Someday My Prince Will Come." Actually, you know what? This is the first compact disc I ever bought--back in 1984! I can almost remember the day--I didn't even own one of those "CD Players." But, seriously, most of the Miles albums with "The Quintet" contain some of the greatest muted trumpet solos EVER!
This cd is not all about showboating trumpet. It's a modern recording that is a throwback to earlier jazz years. Does feature some nice muted trumpet. It's an excellent sounding standard cd, that I absolutely love. If you can find a copy I think you will too.

"Hotel Child" -Ingrid Lucia and the Flying Neutrinos
Miles Davis, "Round Midnight", is the best.
Buy Miles Davis because you love good music - not because you are looking for a good muted horn player.

Sketches of Spain is possibly the mutiest mutefest of all time.