Best cd version of Respighi Ancient Airs Dances

I first heard this on NPR a few months ago, (I have been told that this speaks to my ignorance of orchestral music.) I had one of those "can't turn off the radio and get out of my truck" experiences, as I immediately fell in love with it. I have the Telarc CD-80309, Jesus Lopez-Cobos and the Lausanne Chamber Orchestra. My main complaint is the harpsichord sounds like it is in another room, and there are moments when it has more to say than that. Suggestions? Please!

As an aside, to anyone who has not heard this, Respighi (1879-1936) was a Baroque lover where this piece heavily follows that style. But there are also moments reminiscent of Rossini's pulse and the grandiose sound later found with Copland. This is good stuff!


What I have is performed by Sinfonia 21 under the direction of Richard Hickox (Chandos release). I can't acclaim this is the best but very Baroque, IMHO.

Happy listening.

Dan, I will be away today (Monday) but will post very late tonight or early tuesday so check back.
I would confirm that the Chandow recording directed by Richard Hickox is excellant. Enjoy
I own few of "Ancient Dances and Airs." So far my favorite is performed by Antal Dorati with Philharmonia Hungarica on Mercury Living Presence 434 304-2. You should be able to get it for less than $13. Enjoy it

The Dorati/Philharmonia Hunagarica recording on Mecury is excellent, as Tommy recommends. Another good choice is Marriner with the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra on EMI.
Charlie, I am back. I have to ditto the recommendations for the Dorati on Mercury.
Thank you, all!
A brief follow up. I bought the MLP version and the string tone is wonderful. I, however, vote for the Jesus Lopez-Cobos interpretation as I find it much more flowing and melodical. Dorati has the orchestra playing a bit too deliberate for my taste.

Again, if anyone is thinking of a classical music "taste test," this is a great choice. Respighi has arranged a group of tunes that were originally folk melodies and which had remained popular for generations. You will hear something familiar!

If you can listen to Suite 1 "Suite No. 1 Passo Mezzo E Mascherada" and not get caught up in the melody, you are wasting oxygen for those of us who still live. Check it out on a site like CDNow.

Thanks again to all who contributed here.