Best CD Transport in 1K Ball Park

I'm currently in the market for a CD Transport in the 1K ball park. I was thinking about CAL Delta but heard they were being discontinued. Are there any suggestions or thoughts on any particular Manufacturer or Model I should demo?

P.S. The unit must have a AES/EBU output.
Audioméca Méphisto -used !- with Trichord or LCaudio clock.
Some transports you might consider buying used are the Theta Pearl and Theta Data Basic I and II. The Theta Data Basics use the discontinued Phillips CDM-9 mechanism, so if you ever need to have it serviced it might be a problem. On the other hand, the Pearl uses the still available Pioneer mechanism. Also, look into the Sonic Frontiers SFT-1 and Audio Alchemy DDS Pro.

These have all been discontinued, but seem to have quite a following. All units can be found used for between $400 and $1100.
For a "reasonable amount" of cash outlay, the Theta Pearl is a better transport than the Cal Delta. Take this as coming from someone that has a Delta. Sean
I agree that a used Pearl is an excellent value. I just sold one to upgrade to an Altis CDT3. The Pearl can be purchased used for under $700. It's a great deal. I can't imagine anything better for the money.
Sony XA7ES - as a bonus you get a world-class DAC in the bargain!

I've seen several Wadia transports hitting the market at bargain prices...and have discussed this with several knowlegeable people. Consider picking up a Wadia WT-3200 for about $700 and you'll have about 85 - 90% of the performance you would get from a new Wadia 270.

My price range was a bit higher than 1K, so I recently purchased a Wadia WT-2000 based on the Teac P2 transport. The unit has been extensively tweaked and modified by Great Northern Sound and should arrive today. I'll let you know how it sounds!!
Sean and Glreno, I'm glad that you feel so highly about the Theta Pearl as I am currently in the process of buying a used one here on Audiogon. It'll be mated to my Bel Canto DAC 1.1, Sim Audio Moon I-5 and ProAc Tablette 50 Signatures. I'm excited to hear the results.

Hbrandt, I had no idea that a Wadia could be had for that price. Something I should have considered too.
Please don't slam me for low-balling, here, but Rotel insides all seem to agree that first generation RCD855s had outstanding, heavy, low-jitter transport sections; clearly superior to later generations. I continue to use mine, but of course need to upgrade the DAC, amp/filter, etc. Used ones have popped up on here and eBay under $200. Very clearly a more dynamic and PRaT-ful presentation than a ARCAM 9, Audio Refinement Complete, or Pioneer DVD w/ BelCanto DAC, for example. I remember about 8 years the Boston Audio Society ran a CD clinic where a bunch of jitter measurements were made. The Rotel 855 was the only low-to-moderate priced player with exceptionally low jitter.
Go figure!
(That being said, local dealers nevertheless suggest I replace the 855 with a Naim CD5 or Linn Genki, or FMJ, rather than tacking a DAC onto it. Comments?)
Subaruguru, it sounds like your local dealers might be trying to get you to buy what they're selling. But I guess the worse you could do is to audition those pieces just for the heck of it.