Best cd transport and which digital cable for Jeff Rowland Aeris?

Hi all, I sold my cd player to a friend and am now using Jeff Rowland Aeris dac with Mark Levinson 31 cd transport.
The Aeris has toslink, bnc (s/pdif) and usb inputs, and the Levinson has toslink, AES/EBU, optical ST and S/pdif on rca out....
I am trying out different possibilities, but any suggestions from Aeris users would be very welcome.
Best would be BNC to BNC, but that is not possible without an adapters on either source or dac.
I seem to prefer the adapter on the source side, but a glass fiber optical seems nice as well. There are AES/EBU to bnc adapters as well, but the voltage from AES is higher then Spdif, so unsure thereā€¦
What do you guys use?