Best CD to test headstage of your headphone.

It is really fun to listen to this CD through headphone.

I had used Stax009 driven by Carbon amplifier and Sennheiser HD 800S driven by Chord Dave.

Highly recommended for testing of your headphone's headstage.

Barber track test how smooth is the transition from right to left, up, back and forth.
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Hey shkong78 remind me again what are your favorite IEC cables? The ones I'm using on my Shure SE535 are shot and its hard finding good replacements. I know you mentioned in a thread a while back....


I had auditioned some expensive power cables which cost more than 2k$ each.

But I need 9 power cables in my system.

Thus I had gone for Synergistic Blue cable which is almost 90% as good as more expensive ones.

Please note that I am using 5 separate isolation transformers on main components.

That may be the reason why 2k$ power cables did not make critical differences in my system.