Best CD player with Pass X150????

I was hoping I could hear some opinions on which cd players would be a good match for the Pass x150 amp. I am currently using a Marantz dv18 as a transport, Monarchy Audio M22c DAC, Paradigm Ref. 60's, and F.M.S cables. Thanks!
I sucessfully using a Sony SCD 1 with my pass x-250 and x-2 preamp
I'm using a Sony SCD-777ES SACD with a Pass Aleph P & Aleph 30 amp into custom 2-way monitors. The Sony is the best match I've found in my system. I've also tried my older Sony as transport into a Theta Gen V dac, also the Theta Miles (fully balanced). The Sony SACD has excellent detail & bass, the Pass Aleph beats the other amps I've owned overall.

I use a Accuphase DP-65V+Pass X-2+Pass X-150,and I am very happy!
The Accuphase DP-65V can be used direct with the Pass X-150 with great results.Try this combo with some Siltech G3 cables.Awesome!!

Good Luck!
Thanks guys! Ivanj, I am happy with my system right now but you know how it is. Always looking for some improvement. If I was to change anything right now, it would be the cd source. I would prefer a redbook cd player to a dvd player. I have also been incorporating some power managment. My latest addition is a PS300 Power Plant. That did make a huge difference. From previous threads, I have also read that a good power cord can make a difference. I still have the stock cords. I have heard wonderful things about the Wadia 850's. What do you like about it the most?
The easiest way to say it is I have never had a situation where I felt the source material or the system context exceeded what the Wadia could reveal.