best cd player used under 2k.

i currently have a cal 15. good player but looking to upgrade (you now the feeling). i have read good things on naim 3.5; meridan 508.24 any other suggestions. thanks
I own a Meridian 508.24, and I have found it to be the most phenomenal performer of the inegrated CD Players available. The naturalness of the sound and the palpability of images is staggering. I compared it to the Wadia line, and I found it to be a much more natural sounding player. I have not heard the Resolution Audio player, though, and I hear that it is comparable.
I own a Sonic Frontiers SFCD-1 that was purchased used right here at audiogon. I have not regretted the purchased. I have done in home comparisons with CD players from Rotel, Proceed, Rega, and Audio Research. Everytime the Sonic showed me the way, excellent bass response, romantic mids and very extended yet non fatiguing highs(must be the tubes, I am using Amperex tubes in the output stage) I have seen them for as little as $1600 in the classifieds here. Good Luck.
Just curious, why spend 2,000 on a used CDP with outdated upsampling, dac, filters etc when you can get excellent new outboard DAC with state of the art electonics for well under 2,000?
For example? (to megasam)
Eric, newest Bel Canto DAC1 with updated power supply and tweaked board for $1395, MSB gold link dac $1395, Perpetual Tech P1a/P3a $1700 and others have all been extensively reviewed in major publications in the last year.....Sam Tellig just discovered the beauty of out board dacs last issue of Stereophile.
Resolution audio CD 50
wadia 830
I'm with Megasam. As far as the Bel Canto DAC1, look up past posts. It has been covered well and I left several good links to online reviews that speak to the pros of these outboard dacs.
Good luck.
Magasam, you were wondering why Jvr was considering CD players to replace the CL-15 instead of buying an outboard DAC. The CL-15 doesn't have a digital out, so Jvr would also need to find a transport to use with any new DAC. (I'm in the same situation as Jvr.)