Best cd player under $600 used for system

Hello all,

I'm currently planning on building a system around sonus faber grand piano home speakers. I've grown quite fond of their sound and have read here on audiogon that they pair up well with the musical fidelity a3cr series amp and preamp. I am currently on the market for these 3 components and have been leaning strongly toward the rega planet 2000 for use as a cd player. Ive taken part in some conversations where the rega is described as "bright" and wanted to know if this was the common opinion shared by people here on audiogon. I was also told that "bright" is used to describe that "up front" sound like a full orchestra hall in contrast to "dark" sounding like a smokey jazz club. Personally, I listen to a lot of rock music, and female vocal with small ensemble type music and particularly enjoy that kind of jazz club sound more than the orchestra type sound. In an attempt to sum it all up, I am looking for any cd player recommendations under $600 used which would match well with the musical fidelity components listed above and complements the grand pianos mid range warmth.

Thanks in advance
I hear the NAD 541i is a good one.
I'll second that. Your concerns about ambience-tuning are better resolved by careful room treatment, inc simple furniture arrangement. But try to avoid the glass and ice tinkling....
I'll "third" that. NAD gets knocked a lot, partly because they're quite successful. Regardless of what others might say, the 541i is damn good player, esp. for the money.
I have your pre/power amp combination and use a Music Hall MMF CD-25. I like it very much and cosmetically it matches the Musical Fidelity eq nicely. That said, you should also consider the Musical Fidelity A3CD player. It has a decent reputation and should mate well. I hope to eventually upgrade by keeping my Music Hall as a transport and getting the MF A3 24 DAC. I haven't heard the Rega's and can't use a top loading player in my rack because I have a turntable on the top shelf.

I second the Music Hall CDP, very musical while keeping detail. I also LOVE the fact that it plays HDCD CD's too.

The Rega gets reviewed well, but from reading I would say it is not at all "bright".

I really liked my Audio Refinement CD player! And it also has a digital output (RCA) for an external DAC, which can be a really cost efficient method for a future upgrade!
Sony DVP s9000es SACD/CD/DVD player.
get a used Jolida jd-100.
You should definitely audition Arcam cd72, in my opinion it is better than the rega planet 2000, and NAD 541. I compared these closely before purchasing the arcam.
I was lurking here waiting for someone to mention Arcam. I have both an NAD and an Arcam (Alpha 9). The latter is tremendous and would agree with Chetiar that the CD72 is worth looking into.
I like my new Shanling CD-S100, but it's probably too far under your budget limit for you to consider. $600 is about what it costs new. Still, I'd put it up against several of the suggestions here, since it's really an amazing value.

However I would like to say that IMHO you are spending your main budget too far downstream. As UHF mag said, put a $3000 pair of speakers on a boombox, and you've got... what ? But put a $3000 source on a boombox, and you've got something to listen to ( while you save to replace the boombox ). In other words, a great source is listenable through anything. Really. But high class speakers will only reveal defects in your source more painfully clearly.
I have owned the Rega 2000 Planet and I never thought of it as bright. In fact I would say it is 'meaty' and 'focused' not the last word in detail or extension but the instruments are highlighted in a nice way and it is probably euphonic as well. I now own a Sony 9000 ES and even though I have changed wire since the Planet I would GUESS the Planet is more pleasent in the midrange but the Sony has better extension and detail.

BTW the reason I bought the Sony and sold the planet is because I wanted an all in one DVD (I care how my movies sound) and CD player - with SACD thrown in for fun.
Also consider the Rotel RCD-991.
Used orginal Rega planet for $300
For $600, buy a brand new Sony ES model or something. Why used? Anything that price $600 used is either very old (transport breakdown - mechanical wear) or it was not that good in the first place ($2000 when new - Hi-ended blow up price).
The Planet has been placed into many stereo systems over the past 4-5 years. It does need to have good ICs and have better isolation in some applications. Check out the many MB post and you will see it is a reliable and decent cdp. It is not going beat the more expensive players but it holds its own in its price point. I have the orginal and the 2000, never thought they were bright sounding and am very please with their performance. If they were bright sounding, I wouldn't have bought them because most of my cds are Jazz and it would have irritated me. The 2000 plays about 4-5 hours seven days a week and has been doing so for about 20 months w/o a glitch. My orginal is 4 1/2 years old and works perfect. You can always experiment and buy a used one from someone in your area and sell it if doesn't match up to your system.

Good luck and enjoy the music.
Hello All,

Thanks for all of the great responses. I have began looking into the arcam cd72 and wanted to know what the differences were between the cd72t and the cd72? Also, why does arcam call the cd72 the "diva" cd72. Is this just a name, or a different model number.

Thanks in advance
It's just a name. They have another line called FMJ, for "Full Metal Jacket." Dumb name, but great player!

The cd players with the "T" designation have full text readout on the display. I don't know why you would necessary want it. As far as I'm aware, that's the only difference.

There's more info at their web site:
ALso...the planet is far from "bright" is afterall designed by Rega...notorious for being anti-digital...and probably always will be...they painstakingly collaborated with Burr-Brown to develop a more "analog" sound...and in many ways they were successful...