Best CD player under $500 used for CDRs?

I have a CAl Alpha-Delta for reference and just picked up a Denon 2900 that will be part of that system but need a decent player for my downstairs system. My Rotel player sounds so weak compared to the superior Cal that I am selling it and searching for something a bit more impressive. In the $400-500 range used I have been eyeing the Rega Planet 2000, the Music Hall 2.5 which I have seen a few modded ones selling in that price and possibly the Rotel 1072. A crucial thing is that they play CDRs.
I've heard mixed reviews of that Rotel and some people have said its really nothing special sound-wise. Any comment? Does the Rega handle CDRs? Is the 2000 better? Same with the Music Hall, is the newer version a lot better? Finally, what other players have I overlooked in that range? Carl
Check out Onix XCD-99 from An excellent player with upsampling and HDCD capabilities. I made CDR using Exact Copy (EAC) which play wonderfully on this player. Just love this baby.