Best Cd Player under $500.00 Used OR New

I am selling my two Sony ES Cd Changers. One is the CDP-M555ES The other is the M333ES.
I would still like to have a single cd player to replace these . I have moved to a PC Using jRiverMedia and McCormack DAC-1 Deluxe.
The Upgrade Company modded Denon 3910 is an exceptional CD player and does magic with DVD-A and SACD. These usually sell for less than $400 on A'gon. FWIW, I replaced a Consonance Droplet 5.0 and a Lexicon RT-20 with the modded Denon. There was a slight loss of inner detail going from the Droplet to the Denon on CD and I could hear the loss of the tubes but all-in-all, it wasn't much of a sacrifice and the modded Denon kills the Lexicon RT-20. I can't imagine a better sounding player anywhere near this price range.
Check out the Marantz CD5005 and CD6005.
While not often found on the used market under $500.00, the Cambridge Audio 840C is a wonderful player and DAC that sometimes pops up under $600.00.

With that said, you can get a refurbished NAD C546BEE for under $400.00. I own a NAD C542 player that is the most dynamic and detailed CD player I have ever had the pleasure to hear under $500.00 new.

Or you may want to check out this used NAD C565BEE player/DAC.

Thanks for all of the responses .
I had my eye out for the Marantz Cd6005 or the
Has anyone compared the two ?
Denon 1650ar...regretted selling it...its that good
Anyone have any experience with either th Audiolab 8200cd or the Exposure 2010s Cd player .
These players could possibly be had in my price range.
I am really leaning towards the Marantz Cd6005.
I will tell you that i prefer a player with excellent P.R.A.T versus something Hyper-detailed or way laid back.
I also prefer one with Great DEEP bass...not sloppy or PHAT but Punchy and detailed Bass. Does the Marantz Cd6005 or the Audiolab 8200CD or the Exposure 2010s Have it ?
see if you can find an Esound E-5 for sale. An excellent sounding player that is probably in your price range and built like a tank