Best CD Player under 2k ?

I'm looking to upgrade my CD player. Budget is $2k. Am considering a used ARC CD-2 (can be had on Audiogon for $1700 or less) or a new Rega Jupiter. It's difficult to get a demo on an ARC CD-2, since it's no longer made. Has anyone out there listened extensively to these 2 machines ? I would be very interested in anybody's feedback who has done extensive listening to these 2 CD players. Thanks for your opinion.
PS If there are other serious contenders in this price range that are worthy of considering, please let me know.
Check out the new Musical Fidelity A3.2CD. It is 85% as good as the Nuvista 3CD that is currently Stereophile Digital Product of the Year. It uses the same transport, upsampling DAC and Nuvista circuity, without the Nuvista tubes, as the $5000.00 NuVista 3CD. But is sells for only $1500.00. Amazingly good and a great value. Walter
Used Cary 303/100
So much depends on the rest of your system. Other options would include an Audio Note CD2.1x tubed CDP(around $1400 new). Another option out of the UK would be a used NAIM CDX (probably just over 2K) or CD3.5. I have never heard the AR CD2, but the new CD3 is an outstanding player.
Thanks for your input, Matt413575. The rest of my system is ARC LS-15 preamp, ARC VT100 Mk-II. My speakers are currently IMF Monitor Mk III (25 yrs old), but I will be replaceing them soon. My "short list" for speakers is: Triangle Celius, Living Voice Auditorium, or Sonus Faber Grand Piano Home.
I really like your choice of the AR gear. I have heard the AR CD3 in a similar all AR setup and Proac 3.8s. Truely awesome. I am by no means an expert, a novice is clearly a better discription. However, If this was my setup, I don't believe there would ever be a need to upgrade. It just sounded stunning. I suspect the CD2 would likely get you close to this. In addition you may want to add the Proacs, either 2.5 or 3.8 to your short list of speaker choices.
I would look seriously at the Cary 303/200 for standard redbook or if you want SACD capability, and I think you should seriously consider it, the sony xa777es(new at odde brothers) multichannel or scd777es(used) two channel. The high resolution format is simply astounding when played on a system capable of extracting all its glory.
Second the vote for a used Naim CD3.5 (especially with a Flatcap) or CD5.
Your partnering equipment is pretty revealing, and you might be surprised just how many shortcomings you can show up with $2K. Once you upgrade your IMFs you're likely to get a huge amount of transparency. I have heard most of the players recommended above. The Rega gear, in my opinion, is awful - thick and slow. The Cary makes a good first impression but really lacks the clarity that you can get for $2K. The MF is just ok. Although not the best soundstager, the Naim will get you a long way. I would also highly recommend the Audio Note gear. Hope this helps.
Meridian 508.24
I heard the Cary 303 and the Vecteur L4 this weekend and really enjoyed both of them. All of the above-mentioned players are all good choices also. You must try in your system!
Used Meridian 508.24
would recommend listening to the classe, creek or arcams.
Used Cary 303/100 or 303/200. The clarity is stunning IMHO.
Get a Sony SCD-777ES, around $1500. After you enjoy it for a while, spend $260 plus installation for a new Superclock masterclock or $650 for the complete replacement of the analogue output stage and the bypassing of the DACS!

The beauty of the latter mod is that it adds another set of outputs and in no way affects the performance of the stock machine, so you can A-B to your heart's content. . .

I've never heard Burmester, and don't expect I ever will, but this combo does it for me.

Well, I ended up getting a NEW Arcam FMJ CD23T after having the opportunity to audition one in my home for a few days, courtesy of my local dealer. I feel I got a good price on it, and I am quite happy with the sound in my system. Thanks to all for your inputs to this thread.