Best CD player under $25000.

Actually I was noticing how many $25000. or better CD players are available .
AudioAero La Sourse At $44000. 47 Labs 4704 $25000
Naim 555PS $30800. Chord Red Reference $26000
Constellation Audio Sirius $50000. Esoteric P-01 $25000.
Boulder 1021 $25000 or with DAC $70000.
EMM Labs XDS1 $25000. Burmester 089 $29000 or 69 $60000.
TAD $25000. Goldman $135000.
MBL 1621A transport $27500 or with DAC $53900.
DCS Scarlatti $28000. or complete stack $80000.
Metronome Kalista $65000.
Zanden 2000P transport $28000 or with DAC $44000.
And all these are offered at recessionary prices
I think you meant 25,000 or worse.
My highly modified play station w/attached valhalla power cord, comes to mind. (P.S., it's for sale) !!!!! :)
And I'm thinking of all those turntable setups at 1/10th the price or lower that may very well outperform some of those digital Ubermenschen.
Anything connected to Nordost Odin interconnect heee haaa!
Gs ... Thats A good one . But I still prefer digital in even at equal money , most times . How come vinylphiles cruise the digital section , just to wine . I think I'll go to the vinyl site now and tell them how much better digital sounds .
"Actually I was noticing how many $25,000.or better CD players are available." Duh, is there a question in there somewhere?

Perhaps Gs listens to both vinyl and digital and prefers vinyl, "most times."

I guess I'll go over to the vinyl site now and "wine", I mean whine.
Meridian 808.2 or 808.3
I wonder what has caused this insanity?
Ayon CD5s is the best I have heard way under 25K. Second choice would be the Meridian 808.3
Recenly put together a small system in my sitting room with an NAD C565BEE using a Yaoin Tube buffer wt a JAN Phillips LN 6922 tube that blows away any of the $15K front ends I've had. It's just more musically correct and involving.
Iv'e seen a few people using tube buffers with CD sources with good results . Is there any loss of detail this way ?
Iv'e been using an Ayre CD5MP as a transport , into a Levivson #360S DAC , I think it gives me a similar effect . The right about of musicality , more swing , a natural flow .
I don't want a $25000 piece of equipment mucking with my signal.

Less is better, right?
Less should be better , the least corrupted , but it doesn't seem to go that way with audio .
When I had the $50K+ systems I listened to the equipment. My new, simpler setup wt the yaoin tube buffer makes me crave listening to the many great performances I have on disc like a stoner craves food! The NAD/Yaoin combo is magical and that is the God's honest truth.
I would go with a used Sony SCD-1 or SCD-777ES.
The Lindemann 820S is a great CD/SACD machine at MRSP $22,100

The Ypsilon CDT 100 is also great at $26,000

add the Ypsilon DAC 100 at $29,000 and WOW!!!!!

Wadia 381i see the rating on and go buy some and test them for yourself. As long you are happy with it that is all matter.
Hi Tmsorosk,

Any updates here? Did you buy anything (at recessionary pricing)? I have heard:
- Krell 505
- Full SCarlatti stack
- Vekian stack
- Emm Labs CDSA
- Zanden full stack
- DCS Elgar stack
- Wadia 7 series

My favorite continues to be Zanden. It is no longer the cleanest, most detailed. That belongs to the Full Scarlatti stack...incredible...truly incredible. it is the only one of the above that could make me think of replacing Zanden. I think there is something that after hours of use, with Zanden, i just keep listening to music...not to my system. That is very hard to replicate (at least for me) even if i could afford to go with scarlatti as second hand price, i was not 100% convinced after auditioning it that i would do it.

let us know if you made a choice...will be interested to hear.
"Recenly put together a small system in my sitting room with an NAD C565BEE using a Yaoin Tube buffer wt a JAN Phillips LN 6922 tube that blows away any of the $15K front ends I've had. It's just more musically correct and involving."

Dave not too long ago you said the same thing about the Sony player that you touted in your thread title as the best thing under 10K PRIOR to the modwright modification. Now you're telling us the Nad at 600.00 blows them all away? Too much hyperbole. But your statement does make a bigger point, musical satisfaction and enjoyment doesn't require a megabuck investment.

Hi Tmsorosk,

For a 1-box, Playback Designs is on my short list :-)

How many live concerts do you attend in a month or year?
I don't care if you are Bill Gates. If you spend $25,000 on a cd player, you are a moron.
Seriously? there's a Goldman CDP for $135K???? and will that sound 100x better than my lowly modded Denon2910 in my lowly system??? Very unlikely. Crazy stuff.

If I had the bread, I'd probably spend it on another Porsche.
The ONLY way I'd touch such a megabuck CD player is if I was issued a gold plated guarantee of support for the next 2 decades. CD players are subject to certain parts, usually laser or transport, being NO LONGER available.
If, 5 years down the line I was told 'Sorry, can't get the part', I'd go completely Postal.
That, and modular electronics, subject to new module plug in of (hopefully) improved modules and easily fixed if broken, would be another requirement.
Why nobody says nothing about Accuphase new models from the top range?
The people who I know and have the oportunity to compare with another models/brand mentioned in this post,say lyke this AccuphaseDP-XXX is in booth format CD and SACD far,far better lyke another who cost manny more.Allso,read the reviews of this player!
....Or maybe isn't true?,I have the old Dp-75V,and personally I compared with another actuals model of diferent brand,(I give not the name because I don't will to create discution),and was clearry better in most of direction of the sound.
The same people says lyke the new models from top range of Accuphase is much better lyke my DP-75V.........???