Best CD player under $2000

I have enough cd’s to justify a new or newer one, just not home through the week to invest in streaming. Current player is a Myryad Z-122 nice little unit that has served me well. Using a Jolida FX Glass Tube DAC at the moment.
One of the best CD players I have ever heard or owned is the Denon DCM 560, it has a coaxial output. Even though it is a carousel the dual burr brown DAC’s were outstanding. It painted a life like portrait of the performer’s. Amazing and transparent with a ever so slightly warm sound. I am searching for a used one on eBay. They are hard to find. Currently I have a nad 514 that is nice sounding but not quite on the same level. 
Another vote for Marantz, love my SA-KI Ruby.
Onkyo 7030 cheap but well made with a good dac....
I too have the inexpensive Onkyo 7030. Has a headphone jack that I put to good use. Play it loud too. Great player for the $, for sure.  So, what does that mean, if I hadn't heard any others A to B? 
It sounds good. 
I have a turandot Opera Audio CD player that has great built and sounds wonderful . Some of my friends which have heard it in my system say it remembers them of the sound of Wadia . The one Opera Audio has right now on the market is not the same one I have but it should be good sounding too . When new it sold for 2,400.00 dollars so if you can find one on the use market , which they don't come out often you should be able to pick one up for about 800.00 dollars . 
I second the person who recommended the Marantz SA11 CDPlayer . I've heard it and it sounds very good too . Happy listening !