Best CD player under $2000

I have enough cd’s to justify a new or newer one, just not home through the week to invest in streaming. Current player is a Myryad Z-122 nice little unit that has served me well. Using a Jolida FX Glass Tube DAC at the moment.
Very happy with the Yamaha CD-S 1000.
plays SACD. Already own 2 Uber expensive transports and DAC's
The Yamaha was an extra CD player for my auxiliary system.
Smooth and open sounding. I find myself using this one 90 % of the time.
Also would take a look at riley804 recommendation. Great player for the money
The Denon DCD 1600 is available new for $1200. Build quality is excellent ( made in Japan ) .after about 50 hrs. break in it really sounds sweet. Got one for a friend and he really loves it. Music Direct sells it with a return policy.
Marantz HD-cd1 is a great compact cd player used with it’s own dac or as a transport. Another great cd/sacd player is the Marantz sa8005. 
It is common knowledge that the Oppo 105 power supply was by far it's weakest link. You can find them anywhere from $700-$900

I upgraded my 105 with parts from eBaye; a ~ $200 Linear Power Module and the IEC with a Furutech Rhodium with a silver tail that connects to either PS, AND a jumper to bypass the 110/220 switch

Not only improves red book, but all media

I am extremely happy with my Cambridge Audio Azur 851C!
(Cd Player/DAC/Preamp) for $1,499.00.  Great detail, dynamics, and with some additional isolation products like Symposium Acoustics Rollerblock Jr.'s HDSE to go under it, you won't believe your ears!  (Especially if you have very revealing components).