Best CD Player under $1200

Which is the best CD Player under $1200? I am considering:

Rega Appolo
Cambridge Audio Azur 740C
Cambridge Audio Azur 840C
Arcam CD73T
Arcam CD192
Quad 99CD-P

Kindly give me your feedback.
the arcam and the cambridge are both excellent.
See if you can score an Arcam 23 with the ring dac. They go around $1,200 used. Best out there.
Esound E5
Agree with Mcpody. You should also consider the early Cary 300-100 or the Resolution Audio CD-55. Both are as good as you'll find at this price point.
Hard to say what is best--there are so many!!! The best I have heard new at that price is the Soundquest SQ-12.The Music Hall 25 mk.II is excellent at half that price.You should also be able to get the Raysonic 128 used for $1200-$1300.
Here are my rankings of CD players I have had from "best" to "worst" in MY system. Your mileage may vary:

Sound Quest SQ-12
Consonance CD-120
Cambridge Audio 640C (v1)
Arcam CD-73T
Music Hall CD-25 (v1)
Rega Planet 2000
Original Rega Planet
AH! Njoe Tjoeb 4000

I were adding a CD player to any of my second systems I'd prefer to get another SQ-12. But, given that money doesn't seem to be growing on trees at my house, depending on the system I was putting it in (matching sound of player to the system), and price I could get it for, I would happily purchase any of these again - except the Njoe Tjoeb (not sure I'd take one if I were getting it for free, no offense intended to the Njoe Tjoeb fans out there).

audio aero prima - around $1200
Any Arcam as long as it has Ring dac
I agree with TPK123, Esound CD-E5 Signature is one of the best sounding, best built, CD players that one can buy brand new for under $1200... actually $878 new, shipped express from an online distributor.
I have a Creek CD 50 Mk II. It cost $1500 new but can be had for about $700-900 used, when available. It has some very nice sound characteristics: a great sound stage, lots of detail and very neutral.
for me also the Esound E-5 is a winner - built and performance way above it's price tag
Get the Quad cdp-2, you will not regret it. It looks a bit odd but is well built and sounds fantastic.
Don't know if its the "best" but if I bought a used player under $1,000 I would side with several of the comments above and opt for the Arcam FMJ 23.
Sony cdp XA7 es or a little less overall in musical performance cd 120 linear
Try a used Sony XA7ES. It's under $1,000 and sounds better to the Arcam units to my ears. The Arcam seems to be the best of the bunch in your list.
The ARCAM units with the dsc Ring DAC are the following models (from most expensive to least expensive):
Arcam FMJ CD23
Arcam Diva CD92T
Arcam Diva CD92
Arcam Alpha 9

All the above machines are not longer current models so you would have to buy them used. I personally, would not look at the non-Ring-DAC models you've listed (CD73 or CD192).
If you do end up getting one of the Arcams, you MUST order a cd mat from music direct as well. I had previously owned an ARCAM CD92...and with the use of a good cd mat, the sound approaches that of my current Ayre C-5xe!

I've also heard good things about the Rega Apollo, but have yet to audition one.