Best Cd Player under $100,000

opinions are appreciated. new or used, looking for a cd player that won't break the bank (unless you're not a multi, multi millionaire)
Try this one. I think it fits in your price range.
I guess your bank is more generous than my bank. Not only would a $100,000 CD player break my bank, but my wife would divorce me and friends and family would likely have me committed! Now if you're talking $90K I could probably eek by! They'd still send me to the loony bin though!

Hmmm...under $100K?...I wouldn't bother..everything is junk in that range...unless you have some of those new transuranium wafers that selectively absorb all bad things and only let the clean transparent signal eek through.
The $98,000 CDP-X is OK but its not in the same class as the big boys. The $150,000 CDP-Y and the $180,000 CDP-Z absolutely smoke it and blow it away. Both are highly recommended!
James, I like your suggestion --- it's hilarious!
I assume that you meant to type $1000.00 and somehow the decimal got lost.
Now there's someone who finally understands what I've been saying for a while now. You just can't get good digital playback for less than $80-90K these days. Maybe you could pick up a Burmester for $60K, have it turbo/truth/resurrection modded for another $25K, and that would still leave you $15K for the pair of IC's I'm making for you right now.
Ahh.... What's money anyway? It's only paper
If you can squeeze your budget up to $200k I might be willing to custom make one for you.
What about a "used" Ferrari with a Walkman?
If you can stretch your budget 10 or 20 Gs, you might be able to get Cecilia Bartoli to sing to you in your living room, and who knows, maybe even a little more. Heheh.
Cecilia would not be first choice. Have you seen, I mean heard Anna Netrebko?
You can pick up a very decent, second hand player for less and with the change left over, buy a nice vacation home in Tahoe.
Rumor has it the Toshiba 3960 sounds killer with $99,900 worth of mods.
You could buy 1,000 $100 CD players and have a music bank of sorts!
Wonderful semantics in this question. I am not a multi millionaire but looking forward to buying a $100K CD player because I'm not one.

I second the Walmart suggestion and would pray that there is a rebate.

Open box would be ideal.

(and I have a bridge in NYC for sale)
But if you take James's suggestion and get the personal AM/FM CDHeadset for $19.92, may I by all means recommend the Loony Tunes Bugs Bunny Headcase Cd holder for the additional $11.00. Dont forget the batteries!!

Is it really worth spending an extra $11, which translates to a whopping 55% price increase even if you are saving $99,969.08?

Come one, I didn't think Bugs was THAT sexy. Even in drag!
Wire me the money and I'll put you in to something excellent. I promise.
You meant 100,000 Pesos ???
mine...I'll let you have it for 50k...add 3% for paypal though
You wouldn't happen to be trying to compensate for something, would you? It would probably be cheaper (and more satisfying) to just have that fixed. It's ok...many men feel that way (they just don't wanna talk about it). The technology is there, so there is no reason not to do so.

Just so we're clear...I'm referring to cable issues.
What about that new model from Germany you mentioned on 1-21-05 in the
"Attn Vinyl lovers - what CD Player do you use" thread ?
Has it been surpassed ?
Are there even any OVER $100,000 ???????????
Technics DVDA-10.
under 100K Gotekung cdp,it plays all the format.
you guys are great !!! i forgot i wrote that one, was feeling especially arnory that day !!!! thanks for the laughs !!
Nah. Still won't beat analog.
Ellery911, if your player hasn't yet sold, would you consider the same deal for me? I am willing to pay the 3% PayPal fee if you can swing splitting the shipping costs with me. Please let me know!

Whew, I sure am glad I'm going to be able to get a decent player under $100K. Was worried there for a moment...
Jolida JD-100A and $99,000. worth of music, unless you could stretch your budget another $900., then i'd consider the Lirpa Labs CD-LSD25 transport and triple dacs.$100,900.00 list price including the recommended Recoton unshielded one into three digital cable w/ cubik zerkonian plated spade connectors and Lirpa's own custom 4.5meter ics with solid unobtanium 3/4" phone plugs w/ 3/4" phone to 1/8" phone adaptor boxes, usually never discounted. Thanks for your time, and pass the dutchee on the left hand side. Regards, Dubya

My player has started to have reading problems on discs that are less than perfect...but I'm sure that if you are looking at such a marvelous player...your discs are probably all in absolute Mint+++ condition.

However...due to stric Agon Ratings guidelines I feel that the rating has dropped from a 8-9/10 to more like a 5-6/10...I really don't feel comfortable accepting your 50K offer...and due to the fact that you didn't nickle and dime my I'm sure you were well aware that it was worth every penny...and even were gracious enough to offer to split shipping.

But...I am an honorable Agoner and feel that I would rather have the price reflect the new rating and not risk negative feedback over a purchase of this magnitude.

I am willing to reduce the price by another 40% that would leave us at $30,000. I feel that is a fair offer as you should be able to bring the unit back to the 8-9/10 rating for substantially less than the money you are now saving.

With regards to the shipping, I am willing to split the base cost of shipping but insist that you cover the level of insurance that you require to make sure that this beauty will end up on your doorstep in the above described 5-6/10 rating. I feel this is fair due to the rock bottom price that you're picking this baby up for.

I will quintuple box before crating and palleting it if for a small additional charge and would prefer to use a reputable shipping company in oreder to protect this holy grail of players. The five boxes that I will be utilizing are not factory boxes as I feel that they cut their biggest corners in their packaging. The boxes I plan on using will be 1/8" welded stainless steel with memory foam inserts between each box as they get progressively smaller ultimately revealing the prize at the end. The boxes will be beautiful so each one will be like a present within a present. I know that the shipping/packing charges will be a little higher than usual...but don't worry...I said I'll split it with you...and I think I can get by renting a welding torch for the box construction for a week or so and save a few bucks over having to buy one.

Could you advance me the $30,000 first so that I may start the construction of the boxes...We'll figure out the final costs when I'm done.

Thanks for your interest in my will not be disappointed


Trelja, Ellerys offer sounds more than fair, especially if we are are talking about the 1.13 version which most posters agree is much better than the later 1.14 version, and it's a breath mint! The only thing i can't go along with is the use of 1/8" stainless steal with.........uh..........oh yeah , memory foam inserts. After extensive testing, i've found that 1/4" brass has a lot less resonance and sounds more relaxed as it is humming down the road in thoses brown vans, and most poster agree that the 113Version is very sensitive to mood changes and will work at it's best when happy, in fact i'm doing some testing in a brown van at the moment, isn't technology amazing, i've modified my Royal typewriter to connect wirelessly to the internet.............hey, don't bogart that.........uh......, sorry what were we talk....oh yeah, i know nothing about welding stainless steal(why do they call it stainless steal?, i've spilling some bordeaux wine while testing and the stains it made were almost impossible to get out, i had to use WD-41 with stainless steal wool to remove them) or brass but could have the boxes made professionally here by the experts at the local fabricating shop, a place called Home Depot, so just send the $30,000. directly to me, i'll have the work done and forward the boxes to Elery with the balance of the money as long as Elery agrees to cover 1/2 of the shipping charges. In true AG spirit, my consultation/reasearch is a gift to you, and if you could send me a blank check made out to my fabricator, his name is Cash, i'll take care of all the paperwork as well. Hope to hear from you soon, Alan
As I sit here listening to my Denon CD Receiver UD-M31 at work I cant help but wonder what a 100,000.00 CDP would do for my cubie. What would my pod mates think. Cool the sound is ever so involving the mids, highs and bass are so much more detailed. But will there be system synergy. Will Monster IC's bring out every thing my new CDP has to offer, as I need to be cost concus incase some one steals my IC's.

Is this tread still around?? :)

I figure if IC's can top out at about 15K a meter,and headphone systems can hit 8K..given that some speaker systems can top 125K..I suppose a cd player could push 100K...but I like my Jolida 100!! :) it only sounds expensive!
Darn there is a great one out there, but it's over $100k so I can't mention it in the thread. I think I'll stop by the ATM on my way home and pick one up. What's the maximum you can withrawal in a day again?
actually full suite of Zanden...the new transport, DAC and power much does that come to? around 80+? Also the full mantra dcs suite: Verdi Scala transport, Purcell DAC, upsampling converter, and external clock 4 box set...should be close to 100K...not saying I recommend these but hey but there do exist mutli millionaires who are also audiophiles...
Wow, $100k for front end, $100k for amp preamp, $100k for speakers.

Why not just pay live bands to play in your living room.
Because u would not get the variety? Anyway, I too think its crazy but then again I ain't a billionaire
You will need to invest at least 500k in building a dedicated sound room around your 100k player or it's not gonna make a hill of beans anyway. But BEFORE all this GET YOUR HEARING CHECKED. Your will need a pair of million dollar hearing aids to enhance your hearing beyond our inherant human limitations to pick up frequencies and subtilties which might be in a 100k CD player that you would NEVER hear without some bionic man super hearing.
i feel cheap & used,now i know ive been a victim.
I need a CDP too - preferably under $1000000000000. Any ideas, no matter how corny?
Ummm, How many zero's is that?
I see you are looking for a CDP that I need to bring back from the future. No problem, with the rising price of oil and the deflating value of the dollar, I will only need to go 1 year ahead in time to bring one back for you.
i just bought it,give me a few weeks & i'll be posting the new super rig in all out assault,if they let me.