best cd player to match Bryston 4bsst square ?

Im looking for a great cd player under 5gs to match with my bryston 4bsst2 along with bp 26 and totem winds. I curently have a equinox Moon and aint really happy with it. Any suggestions?
I bought the same Bryston Bp-26,and 4B-SST2 about six months ago with Magnepan 3.6 speakers.
I think it is hard to find digital gear that sounds good, as the Bryston is so transparent.
I decided to skip NEW digital gear (as IMO it is not worth it anyway in my prce range, the old is just as good as the latest.) and bought a nice VAC Standard preamp I use ONLY as a tube buffer between the DAC and Bryston BP-26. My Bryston 1.5 phono still goes straight to the BP-26.
I guess I find the VAC tubes make the digital grunge more palitable.
I had tried an inexpensive ($250) tube buffer, but found the VAC is far better, used in that manner.
Did you audition a BCD-1,believe it or not I preferred it over an AR,and that was the one I wanted for quite awhile.
I'd see if you could do a home audition.
the Bryston BCD1 is a no-brainer on this. check the reviews. audition one and you'll be convinced.
I had thought of the BCD-1 but wanted to know if anyone else had had better matches with other cd players. One of my friends has it matched with a 28b sst and he isnt over whelmed with it. Any other suggestions or comments would be greatly appreciated. And thx in advance for the above comments.
Interesting,as I have the 28s also in my setup and she sounds
great to me,perhaps we all hear differently,that other CDP was over 8000.00(not that price makes it)and I had wanted that one for over two years,but it was my ears that sold me on
it.Haven't looked back yet.
Happy huntin.
Had Bryston for years and always needed a tube pre but thats just me,good luck,Bob
thx Drummer i will look into it more deeply.
Usblues, i know your right about that and that will be my next step will be a pre from Audio Research.
I did audition a ARC ref-5(I liked it a whole lot)I do use a
BP-26(I like alot)they are both really good,
but totally different in their presentations.
I'll probably keep the 26 and hopefully get a ref-5 come
winter.Nice to swap them out depending on the mood.
I use to think going to bars was pricey,I think audio is more
addictive and pricey.
For sure the ARC pre weighs heavy on my mind,A must have.
totally agree with you Drummer