Best CD Player to drive a Power Amp direct?

Wow, I just got a pair of Aerius i's and for the
first time, running my Sony 707ES direct into my
Power amp sounds better than with a preamp. I
was completely dumb-founded.

So now I'm looking for a better CD Player and I'll
need one that has a variable output. I don't want
to with Wadia or Mark Levinson. Wadia seemed analytical
and very pricey. The Levinson has a horrible remote
and doesn't like CDRs. Are there any other good choices
under 2k new or used? A dac would be a perfect fix but
I need the variable output so that's kills that idea.

Audio Aero Capitole 24/192 ($6k)- hear it, and you will buy it. In fact, I bi-amp, and use both the XLR's and the RCA outs to drive 4 monoblock tube amps simultaneously.
Accuphase is another make to consider. I don't think you'll find it too analytical, but a used one can be fairly pricey.
The other two big boys to check out are the Resolution Audio CD-50 or CD-55, and a few(if not all) of the Wadia players can do what you need them to do. Good luck, Tim the Tire Guy
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i'm sure you can find other threads, as well, given the frequency of prior discussions of this very subject. -cfb
Sutts is absolutely correct, the Audio Aero is the way to go.