best cd player redardless of price

Of what u heard (not just read) or friends told you, what's the best sounding cd player.
I think there is already a thread with this identical subject. . . . suggest you search the archives.
The Naim 555! I listend the other day at the dealer and we did an A-B comp with a cheaper Naim and all I can say I wish I had an extra 28K sitting around.
MBL1531. It bettered in my system Audio Aero Capitole Reference, Audio Aero SACD Prestige and EMM Labs CDSD/DCC2 combo (non signature).
Well 28k should buy a pretty good cd player. Unless you just want to run a popularity contest for expensive players,you should have a price range in mind---then you should have comparable ancillary "stuff", to go with this "best, regardless of price" AND,--I would want to borrow this 28k player for a weekend before turning loose of my bucks,A?
I agree before I plopped down 28K it would be in my system for at least a weekend. Operative word is "extra 28K" which I serioulsy doubt I will ever have in my budget...unless I get the right 6 balls to come in lotto.
As far as value there are better choices. But when I read
"Regardless of price" the Naim comes to mind. I think in a less than 3000.00 price range a Linn Ikemi is hard to beat
all of course just one mans opinion!
regardless of price means with no price range. you have to vote not to spend money now.
Sony discman. If you can still find an original
You don't need $28K, the dCS P8i for $14K is incredible and you also get superb SACD capability.
I had the Naim 555 in my system for about two weeks (loan from a friend on vacation). That is a fantastic player. For substantially less, you can get a reasonably close approximation of that sound from the Naim CDS3. I own a CDS3/555PS (power supply from the 555 player) combination. Both the CDS3 and 555 are quite different from the Naim models below them in the line. They have the good dynamics expected of Naim gear, but, to me, they both sound less mechanical and artificial sounding (less of a sense of artificial "enhancement" of the leading edge of a transient). The 555 is just a bit "more" of everything than the CDS3 -- more weight and authority, slightly bigger soundstage, etc.

I have heard, in a dealer's system, the Linn CD-12. That is a sweet sounding player. I don't know how it compares to the Naim, because I have not heard it in my system.

I have also heard the Audionote DAC-5 limited DAC combined with a number of different transports and found it to be exceptionally musical, relaxed and beautiful sounding without being sluggish, murky and undynamic. Quite an amazing DAC, but the DAC alone is way more expensive than the Naim 555.
I found a CDS3+XPS on UK ebay about a year ago. Its the 1st CD player that I think is worth keeping.  expect Naim and many other old timer mainstays will go extinct and then I'll be stuck with an unrepairable brick..   
ESOTERIC 03XD jump on one ASAP!!