best CD player new or used for $1200

Hi I am getting a bryston b135 used and would like to buy a capable CD player to match it. However my budget is limited to $ 1300 or less. Any good suggestions? I have listened to bryston bcd1 and rega Apollo r
Am listening to Mark Knopfler on my Marantz CD6005 as we speak, and it sounds damn good. Just got it 2 days ago ($500) and am super impressed smooth, engaging, and balanced thru my FirstWatt/Quicksilver set up. I'd check it out before putting down more dollars.
Consider the Pioneer Elite BDP-09. This unit has a really nice internal DAC and is hard to beat for less than $1000 used. I have listened to this unit vs many other units and also compared the digital output into an Audio Research DAC 8 vs the CD output directly and it was very close to the digital - DAC 8 sound. I kid you not. It has four internal DACs and really sounds great. many people I know didn't like the slow load time of the blue ray play function. But, I really didn't care that it loaded slightly slower. It beat all the other CD players/BRPs that I compared it to by far. It is seriously over built.

Stick with the used Bryston CDP to match your gear
Next alternative: REGA Saturn (better upgrade to the Apollo)

Excluding the Bryston, please go with your ears from an actual personal audition because all you are going to get here is just a heavily biased personal value judgement pushing their own fave with nil assurance that it will actually work in your system.

System synergy matters big time ....
Don't forget about the Cambridge Audio 851C player/DAC. Great performance for the $$$.

recent review of the new Saturn CDP/DAC in CANADAHIFI.COM

The Saturn-R is a very neutral sounding animal, neither adding warmth nor veering to the clinical, two common faults. As such it is well suited to a wide variety of music. It may lose out in ultimate levels of detail, image precision, tonality and slam when compared to some considerably more expensive devices but it performs very well and I’ve heard nothing better at the price. Do try this at home.

This is the new CDP with the external USB port for use as a DAC for external HD digital file streaming
What about the Oppo 105D??
Unless there is a transferable warranty, for a component that relies heavily on mechanical parts (such as a CD player with its transport mechanism) I'd be inclined to go new not used. There are plenty of good options for $1300 or less new. Take a look at the current models from Oppo, Marantz, Yamaha, Rega and Cambridge that are in your price range. Personally, I prefer Oppo because of product versatility, truly excellent customer service, and good resale value, but I doubt you'd go wrong with any of the others.

stick w/ the Bryston cd player. System synergy is the most important factor here. Keep us posted and happy listening!
Not sure about the B135 but when I had a B100 and a Meridian G08 there was a low level ground loop hum. The only way I could get rid of it was by lifting the ground on the Meridian power cord. I also tried a Sim Audio Super Nova and that also had the hum. For that reason I would stick with the Bryston.
Hi John;

Doug Again, just wondering what you ended up buying for your cd player.