Best CD Player HDCD under $1000US

What would you recommend for a new CD player with HDCD support for under $1000?
The best I've had at that price point (used) was the Cambridge Audio 840c. It isn't HDCD enabled & I only have a dozen or so hdcd's, but they all sounded a touch better than than the redbook cd's. And the redbook's sounded great. IMHO, a true bargain on the used market.
Rotel RCD-1072. Under $500 for one like new. Solid. Exemplary build quality. Reliable. Sound wise on par with units several times the cost. I've owned NAD, Music Hall, Sony ES, Rega, Oppo. I put the Rotel above them all on cost/performance/reliability quotient.
You might want to consider a used Arcam FMJ CD32. It has a dcs ring dac and HDCD.