Best cd player for under $800.00

I am currently in search of a cd player/transport to replace sony es single disc. I would prefer to purchase new, with warranty. I am currently own:

Sunfire theater grand pre-amp
rotel poweramp

Rotel,NAD,Music Hall, ????????, which is best? other suggestions? Please help me!
Rotel 1072
If you can find a Marantz SA8260, nothing else comes close to it in the price range. It is so good in CD-playback that you can compare it to CD only players costing upto $2500. But the best way to find it out is to get a demo in your listening environment.
Look for Naim Players. most musical I have heard. You might find some of the older models under 1K. Well worth the money.
A true hi Fi product, that out plays Rotel Nad Music hall.
personally, I think the Arcam CD73 and Rega Planet (recently discontinued) are the best entry level players. The Planet has a very smooth and engaging sound, not as detailed as the Arcam though.
music hall blows nad rotel away
I second the Rotel.
I bought a Sony 900 for about $300 and sent it to TRL for mods, another $550. Blows away anything I have ever heard, at any price!

Do a search for TRL (Tube Research Labs) there's a lot of info on them.
TRL 595
APL 563
Eastern Electric(tubed)redbook/HDCD
Second on the music Hall all the rest especially rotel sound like mud compared to the Music Hall. I don't know about the modders but forget any warranty. The Music Hall is super clean but not thin has a lot of presence and is simply a giant killer. Look up Trelja's thread on it. He is one of the most knowledgable Audiogoners there is.
Njoe Tjoeb is an option.
I don`t reccomend Arcam CD73. Once I wanted to buy one but when I demoed it in my system it sounded realy closed and dull. It is made of cheap plastic which looks and sounds like real cheap player. The Cd23 sounds better but looks same ugly. Later I bought Marantz cd17mk2 which looks like real jewel and the sound is absolutely night and day in comparison with Arcam. When I changed the CD73 to CD17 the difference was so big like remowing some fat blanket from my speakers. In my experience I donĀ“t even remember so big change caused by changing one unit in system. Marantz is much more opened up and clear but at same time musical and polite sounding.
You can find CD17 now real cheap on agon or ebay it must be about $400 used.
If You find some new unit beware that before burn in it sound realy shrill and sharp with little bass but before it transformes to absolutely another unit.
Good luck
For $200 more, get the newest technology in cd's in the Rega Apollo. Have fun trying to find one. Totally short supply. Selling out instantly. You'll know why when you hear it.
If you can find it around your price ( I paid $ 850 for mine) a used Meridian 508.20 will blow anything else away. Check reviews and comments across the web, it's a golden find if you come across it.
EastSound CD-E5
After the break-in period, I'm crazy about my modded Music Hall. It also reads HDCD.
You can get the Consonance CD-120 Linear for $800-$850.
the tivoli....$200.jaybo
If you can stretch your budget by $200 or so, go with the new Rega Apollo. You will NOT regret it.
I have been very impressed with the Marantz 5005, available for $400 at Crutchfield. As good as $1000. cd players I have tried. Great detail and midrange!
The Oppo bd 95 is a very good cd player and can be purchased used in the $550.00-$800.00 range.