Best CD Player for under $750?

What is the best value in a cd player for under $750? Used/Demo is OK. I have been looking at the Rega Planet, Ah! Tube 99 with all of the mods, Musical Fidelity's, Arcam's, Rotel's, etc. etc. etc. My associated equipment is Rotel 995 preamp, Rotel RB 991 amp, B&W 603 S2 speakers and B&W ASW2000 sub, MIT Terminator 2 cables and interconnects. HELP!
I went through the same dilema about 6 months ago. Tried a number of units and ended up with the Rotel 971. Have been very pleased. Good luck!
Ditto on the Rotel 971. For under $500 go with the Cambridge Audio D500. Both are HiFi Choice Best Buys.
Did you compare the Rotel with the Rega Planet? Whats the Rotel cost new/used? What were the differences?? Thanks,Dave
Have you onsidered the Pioneer Elite PD-65 unit with the stable platter? It is a great sounding unit for the price. If interested I have one available e-mail me for details.
I have a Sony CDP-X779ES which was Sony's top-of-the-line CD player in the early 1990s when it listed for $1900. Very good sound, very large transformers and exceptional build quality. I'm very happy with mine and don't plan on replacing it until more SACD titles are available and SACD players come down a lot in price. I've seen used X779ES units on going for around $600-650. Hope this helps. Joel.
I think your best value would be the adcom 750. Those go for around 700-750 used. Modern design, under a year old, an d the support HDCD. I thought the adcom sounded great. I also agree on the older Sony's. Good sound, and outstanding build quality. Check out some of the top shelf denon's as well. I haven't heard the rotel or the rega.
You might want to listen to a Linn Mimik. They are out of production now, but sound good. You should be able to find one in the $500 range.
i have a rotel 971 and a ah tjoeb ---- i like the ah tjoeb a little better, but i prefer the tube sound. -- in the past i had a rega planet which i thought was just a tad bit dull or laid back sounding for my taste.....
I agree that the Adcom GCD750 is a great deal. You can find a used one for $750 and it is as good as any $2000 player I have heard.
Try to listen to the Jolida CD players - tube sound for well under your range, especially used. Of course, try to hear the Rega and Rotel as well. Just for kicks, you might even see if you can find a Sherwood Newcastle, just to see what those Burr-Brown's can do, and combine it with a good used transport.
Acurus ACD-11. Some like it others don't, but it IS a very good performing cd player and can be had for 300-$400 here on audiogon. It really excells as a transport if you ever upgrade to a better D/A in the future.
Oops, I can't believe I forgot to give you a strong 'listen/shop' heads up on the Arcams. I have heard the alpha 9 in a good setup, and was favorably impressed with its lack of harshness and solid presentation. You can probably find some good Arcams used your budget. I think their quality control is also better than most, from what I've seen. You may still like a tubey sound(see earlier post). If you are set on a SS cdp, definitley check out anything from the Model 5 up.

As I am going to spend about $900.00 to about $1,100.00 on a CD Player (and it is going to be a Meridian 506.20 or Meridian 506.24 or bust......... and it will be used with an Adcom GFP-750 Preamp, Adcom GFA-545 MkII Amp, Magnum Dynalab FT-101 FM Tuner, Nakamichi BX-300 Cassette Deck, KEF Reference 102 Speaker System w/KUBE, and just like you, MITerminator 2 and 3 Speaker and Interconnect Cables), and I am going to be looking at a Meridian. I am going to either get one here from "Audiogon", "E-Bay" or try to buy a used (or demo) one from a local dealer. And that's the extent of that.

But now, if I only have $750.00 (or less) to spend on a CD Player, then I would look at either an Arcam 7, a Rega Planet, a Pioneer Elite PD-65, a Rotel RCD-971, or consider a used Sony ES player (1992 to about 1996 or 1997). For $500.00, then there are two to consider. And they are from Cambridge Audio or Marantz. All of these are considered very good CD Players for NOT a lot of money. I wish you well in your search.

You should consider a Denon DCD-1650AR. It's built like a tank (25lbs.+). Four 20 bit Burr-Brown Dacs. Fixed and variable outputs. Excellent headphone output. Street price new is under $750, used about $500. I have one and will not part with it until its replacement is released. Class B recommended by Stereophile magazine.
The modified Pioneer DVD/CD player from
Stan Warren. It far surpasses any of the above aformentioned recommendations. Sonically, it has the details that you usually only get with a separate d/a and transport.
To everyone who contributed to this post...which sub-$1000, HDCD CD player would you recommend?