Best CD player for under $6000 used?

I'm looking for a good front end for my system. Any ideas? I thought about the Wadia 861se. Note: I also plan on updating my amp and speakers. Thanks!
I'm going to start a forest fire, but here goes: APL Denon 3910 or Exemplar Denon 3910. I don't believe you can touch their performance for less than $10,000.

Flame on!
I am very sorry I meant $600! "6000" is a typo
I'd recommend you listen to a Audio Aero Capitole mkII. It will also help you save more $$$ for the amp or speakers you're looking for, since you should be able to get one for well under $5K.
Krell KPS-28c - very smooth, open, and neutral. If you can find one for around $3200.
Talon4 your choice is excellent in my opinion
I think that I'll probably end up with the Wadia 861se, but I was wondering if I missed any potential players-hence the thread. Mejames- Do you feel that the Great Northern Sound mod was worth the investment? Thanks Guys! Stan
Um, Chelentano, wrong thread. Your $600 thread is still out there, don't worry.
Try a Linn Ikemi and see if you like it.

Good Luck!
I second Mejames , and think that time based decoders that use alogorithims are the best at detail.I love my GNSC wadia's and have two other friends that have had their's done as well.They also run all Virtual Dynamics Master ansd Revelation cabling too. You can't compare a stock unit to the moded one since it totally destroys it; once Gnsc is done with it. The se is a great platter and I must admit that I suffer from platter envy since my Wadia 8 isn't big enough for it.If you want sheer musicality then think Wadia(moded)Take care Dennis

The BAT VK-D5se is an all-around great choice. It uses the "super tube" 6H30, which offers better extension on both ends and better dynamics. It is a very "natural" sounding player (palpable image, rock solid). And the used price is only half of your budget.
I second Akaddict's comments on the BAT. This is a killer, very "analog-like" machine which was $6K new, should be able to find used for considerably less.
You should also take a look at the Audiomeca Mephisto IIX. They are usually available for between $3K & $4K used.
Thanks for all your input guys! Sincerely, Stan
Do you have access to an Oracle, BOW, or M-F Trivista, Meridian, used Linn or BAT as listed above.
How about the Krell SACD for 4k.

I think the Wadia is killer though..... But would go after the Trivista or Krell or even the new Marantz SA11s1.
Hi Guys, I'm in the process of buying a Wadia 861se. I hope to see a lot of improvement over my Meridian 508.24. I think that the Wadia gives me more options, including sending it out to Great Northern Sound at some time. I looked into some of the other players--I was impressed by Bat and Audio Aero especially. Thanks again!
Why not buy an Audio Research CD3 MK2 new? It costs $5500 and I think placed next to most CD players under $30,000 will hold its own.