best cd player for existing system

I am using Joseph Audio 7signatures with an Electrocompaniet Eci-3 int. amp (nordost solar wind cables) and am very happy with the results-I am looking for the right cd player to work on the team- anyone out there with a similar system and an idea? thanks-Adam
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You don't state a price range but I have used the Electrocompaniet EMC-1 and thought it excellent.
I forgot to say that I am trying to spend around $1000, plus or minus.
Try the Adcom 750 single disc unit.
GO used A.A. DDS PRO into A.A. DDE 3.0. Watch the net should be able to get DDS Pro 500 -600 and DDE 3.0 for 200 - 300 depending upon upgrades. Otherwise Music Fidelity A3CS/