Best CD Player for Boeing Office System????

I am putting an old NAD 7155 receiver, (55 wpc) B&W 601's in my Boeing office in Seattle. I want a cd player but don't want to spend more than 200 used. Afterall, its for my office. What is the best USED cd player for around 200.00????

Thanks for the reply.

Paul in Seattle
You might want to try a Cal Audio Icon MK II. There is one for sale now. I used to own one several years ago.

Use any Mega disk CD changer. Making copies of your CD collection from home and leaving them in the changer is the way to go. I'm using a Creek integrated, Tannoy Mercury's and at Technics changer. At lower volume levels, the absence of an audiophile quality CD player is not missed.
Spring the extra few hundred and get an can bring hundreds of CD's worth of music to work (my 40G Ipod has over 240 hours of music, mostly ripped at 320 kbps). I find it pretty satisfactory for background listening, and it's great for commuting, biking, etc. The docking cradle with line out makes hooking it into your NAD a snap.
get one of the matching NAD players The New 541i is a great player at 300.00 used or get one of the older ones for less