Best CD player for $700.00

I need to upgrade my old CD player (Mag CDB 650). I am considering the Adcom GCD 700 which lists for $700.00. It sounded very warm and open. What are some other alternatives and how do they stack up to the Adcom. Your help is appreciated
three sugestions: 1. a used music fidelity a3c cd player if you can find one. Audio Advisor usually has returns at a reduced cost. Call and ask them. 2, A used Audio alchemy DDS pro Transport with i2s bus into a Audio alchemy dde 3.0 dac. Should be able to find both for a total used cost of about $750. 3.A used merdian cd player 506-20 (or 506 -24). All the above are reference quality pieces if bought used will be true to the music no matter which variety.
I know my response is going to garner the ire of some regulars, but I personally do not believe that it makes sense to buy a CD-only deck today. 16-bit CD technology is passe. After considerable thought, I recently sold my Rega Planet CD and replaced it with a Pioneer DV-37 DVD/CD player, which has a digital output for 24 bit / 96Khz output. The DV-37, which I bought for $650 new, has separate video and audio power supplies, all housed in separate sections. The audio quality from the DV-37 is better than my old Rega, provides me with much more current technology, and costs considerably less than a lot of high-end, 16-bit CD players. Just a thought for you to consider.
I will totally agree with sdcampbell, and this may really garner the ire of some. I owned my RCA 5223P DVD player (currently available as last years model for $179 online) for 8 months before really comparing it to my Arcam Alpha 8SE CD player (list price $1000). The end result: I sold the Arcam. The RCA was every bit the equal of the Arcam, if not downright better (I posted a complete review at Audio Asylum for those who are interested in associated equipment). I have since further improved the sound from the RCA with a very cheap anti-resonance/vibration tweak and use a Cardas Golden power cord on it through an adapter that Harmonic Tech just came out with. I'm getting outstanding performance out of it (probably pretty close to Alpha 9), and would never again consider buying a CD only player. If I upgraded considerably (it would be considerable to me), I'd probably investigate something like the Pioneer DV-37 or the new Sony 9000 DVD player.
I wish I knew of a single box unit at $700 that would perform well enough to be really involving. It'd be simpler than the front end I'm using. However, I think the best bang for the buck is along the lines of what I have. Marantz CC48 5 disk changer/Monarchy 24/96 DIP/Dan Wright modified MSB Link DAC. Total cost with used digital cables= $910. One can buy a Link DAC used for $175-200, have it modified for $2-250.00 and use a Pioneer DV-333 ($200-new) and have a pretty darn good source. I hope you're happy with whatever you get.
I've never heard a crappy dvp with a dac, but i would suggest that you give Rotel's RCD-971 a try. You caould also wait a little while for the SACD players to cheapen.
I started using my Pioneer DV05 (instead of an old Studer/Revox A727) and am very happy with it. It's musical and enjoyable to listen to (but I haven't tortured myself by comaparing it to more expensive players). I can always upgrade by adding a DAC. CHeaper alternatives include the $200-ish Pioneer DV333 (with Burr Brown DAC chips) being modified by someone like Stan Warren for $200-$250, or using the $200 DV333 with a modified Link DAC ($450ish). I doubt you'd get a better player without paying much much more.
I think you will find the rotel 971 hard to beat. Probably you can get it for under 600$ with a little effort. HDCD and imho a more balanced presentation than the adcom.
I second Sdcampbell's motion. I have the Pioneer DV-37 and it sounds as good as many $1500 CD players I have heard. Not too shabby on the DVD side as well.
try the NAD 515 5-Disc player. it was recomended by stereophile. i have one and it has a nice warm and open sound. nice features without being to cluttered. they sell new for $500 and used for about $250-$300. I dont think it gives up much from my $3000 Naim CD system.