Best CD of Chopin's Concerto's

Have Rubinstien's in Living Stereo. Absolutely wonderful, but due to older recording the sonics were not captured adequately. I prefer a laid back, romantic presentation of the same, with a recording quality, say, mid 70's or thereafter.
Many thanks.
Found on either LP's or CD's, Claudio Arrau's performances with the LPO conducted by Eliahu Inbal are my favorites by some margin and are certainly 'romantic'. These recordings also include Krakowiak Op14 which I feel is essential listening, and as enjoyable as either of the Concertos. On Phillips.

Outstanding performances of the concertos more recently recorded, and less 'romantic' perhaps, are those by Krystian Zimmerman with the LAPO conducted by Giulini. These DG recordings have greater clarity than the Phillips, but less 'warmth', but are well worth having in your collection.
Gilels/Ormandy for 1. This is coupled with Andre Watts in 2.
Martha Argerich gives a strong performance with Abbado, while most prefer her playing with Dutoit in this instance her passion makes up for what it might miss in other areas
agree with Uru975, I have both CD (Concerto No.1, Abbado/DG & Dutoit/EMI) and prefer Argerich with Dutoit. Worth to keep it in your collection, I believe it is the wondeful CD, you will never regret.