Best CD lens cleaner

Any suggestions on the do it yourself cd lens cleaners?
I'd like to buy one in order to maintain my gear.
But I'd like some feedback if anyone knows of a cleaner that works.
A cheap can of compressed air from Office Depot or a photographers lens cleaning brush. I don't subscribe to the 'stiff little brush glued to a CD blank' school of cleaning.

There's something about a chunk of plastic banging against my laser assembly at 300rpm that doesn't sit well with me.
Second the compressed air. Marantz recommended this to me as well.
Are most lens's easy enough to get to by just removing the cover? I have a Sony SCD333 and it it probably due for a lens cleaning.
Thanks, John.
Sony state in their service manuals that the only acceptable method is compressed air.

I have a Sony 9000. Should I remove the cover or try to blow hte compressed air through the open drawer?