Best CD for Cary SLI-80?

Which would you match to a Cary SLI-80? 1 (Best) - 6 (Good, but not Best)

Rega 3.5
Rega 5
Arcam CD33
Simaudio Moon Equinox
Unison Research
Cary 308T
The Cary 308T is a very good match. I ended up with a XA777ES with my SLI-80 and am very pleased with the Redbook performance and SACD is just bonus. I would say the Regas might be a little on the warm side for the Cary. Good luck.

Paulg1--What did you end up with and how do you like it? I'm thinking about the Cary 308T myself, a thought suggested by The Kid, in fact, who has so many good suggestions. I bought my own SLI-80 with his guidance. I've auditioned several players and none had the qualities I need--midrange warmth, top-end clarity and extension, steady power through dynamic peaks. I'd get two of three at best.
308-T is not in the same league as the 306/200. at the used prices these days for a 306/200 it's a steal. in the future you can use it as a transport & try different DAC's too.

I use a Rega Apollo with mine and it's a great combination,
very anaolog like.