Best CD/DVD Player with "Variable audio Output"

Looking for interem player until save up/decide on pre-amp/processor. Looking to go straight to mono-blocks as present "receiver" sending distortion and clicks to newly acquired JMLab Utopias. (Used)

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
Linn Genki will fit the bill...
So will Resolution Audio Opus 21. Check out the reviews!
Why not just add a pair of attenuators to whatever player you are using?
Resolution Audio Opus 21 (with volume adjustments in the analog stage).
Marantz stinks. Denon & Sony ES work fine.
If you're looking for an interem solution, the new Benchmark
DAC-1 has both single-ended and balance varible outputs,
three digital inputs and can be coupled with any CD/DVD
player with a digital output.