best cd/dvd player in silver?

I posted earlier about a cd player but the wife would li ke to see an all in one CD/dvd player so I am looking
for the very best player I can find in silver no less. MY system is as follow bryston sp1 ,aragon 8008 , bryston 6bst , sony dvd 9000es, b&w nautlius 802's, htm1 and n805's with a asw 2500 . with audioquest and bryston interconnects and caldera speakers cables for the main. Right now I am thinking about Arcam fmj dv27 that just came out. I would appreciate any and all help. thanks
A Technics DVD-A10 can be had now for $200-300 (was 1200 new), also plays DVD-A discs. It's brushed aluminum, which is what I think you mean by silver.
Buy what you want and have it professionally painted silver.
I can't tell if you're serious, but in case you are, my Theta Carmen not only sounds great, but is damn good looking (it is silver colored, but presumably not made of sterling). The Theta David-II looks similar and sounds even better. I read a thread a while back in which someone suggested the following trick: buy a component you want, and a relatively cheap pioneer, sony, etc. (whatever comes in silver, in your case), then swap the internals. That way you can pretend you didn't spend very much, and in your case you can satisfy the color requirement.
Ayre DVD-1. A great player.
One suggestion is the Phillips SACD 1000. It is the first multi-channel (six available channels, and yep, it will do two-channel as well) SACD/DVD video/CD player available on the market. For $2k retail, it's a bargain value. At least Stereophile thought so when they reviewed it in April. We cannot say yet on the sound ourselves, we will just have to wait unil it arrives. We would be glad to tell you what we think when we have received it and audition it for a little while. Oh yeah, it's in silver.

Happy shopping!
by silver I mean in color as in not your typical black box. Yes some sort of brushed aluminum that is silver in color. Sorry to not be perfectly clear.
yes the theta and the ayre are along the line that I am looking for but I just want to make sure that I explore all my options and thought I would ask for help. You never really can know all the stereo gear that is out there and I thought someone might have some suggestions. I am really amazed that silver (the color) was taken so literally but I guess for the money you would think that krell was made out of platinum.... thanks for the help and more suggestions would be greatly appreciated..
Why not clad your lady in silver? Perhaps then she does not mind anymore, which player you chose. Just an idea.
Colourful listening!
May not be high end enough for you, but the very fine mid-fi Cambridge Audio D500SE comes in silver.
Check EAD( Seems tney have what you are looking for.
I am very happy with my unit.