Best CD/DVD cleaners & tweaks?

I am interested in saving time and money by not trying every other cleaning or enhancement product on the market. Please pass on your recommendations and advice for CD/DVD cleaning and maintenance. I prefer to stay under a $100 limit. Thanks.
The auric Iluminator.Email me if interested.I have access to it a a good price.
I have tried a couple of CD treatments, using duplicate CDs to test effectiveness, and Auric Illuminator is my choice. First let me say I am very reluctant to apply any treatment to my CDs, if you have been around for long enough you know the history of "great" tweaks, some irreversable, that turned out to be BS, and may actually degrade sound. I don't use AI on all CDs, although it is cheap, but about 1/2 of my rock/alt CDs have treatment......main benefit is to reduce digital grain/hardness, smoother sweeter sound with no detail will not work miracles, but it is worthwhile, and can be removed with some effort if needed......I also use Bedini II on all CDs before playing, regards Sam
Hi Megasam. Does that Bedini II clarifier really work? If so how are the improvements and what does this Bedini really do? Thanks
Tm12, I could not find your e-mail address. I can be reached at ( What type of treatment is the Auric Illuminator? (wet, pen, etc?) Thanks Sam, ditto to Mfslgolded. What are the usual prices?
I have used "Endust for Electronics" very economical anti-stat. spray can (which also cleans TV screens & turntable covers w/o scratching, & shines faceplates nicely, even if you don't hear any improvement on your discs). Spray a small portion on a piece of lint-free paper towel (the blue stuff) & apply to the LABEL side of CD's. Cleans up glare & harshness on many discs; no effect at all on others. You can also apply it to AC cables, interconnects, & speaker cables - just like Nordost ECO-3 but way way cheaper. I got these ideas from reading the ECO-3 literature; dear wife suggested the Endust instead. It is not permanent so must be occasionally re-applied (Nordost suggests 30 day intervals for applying their $40/6 oz. spray) vs. Endust costs about $6 for twice the volume. "Your mileage may vary". I never tried the ECO-3 myself, so I can't compare. Regarding Bedini: no experience with that either. But I have tried a bulk-tape demag. unit that I have on-hand; it had no effect, at our house. Also tried the Discwasher ZeroStat gun on CD's; again no effect was discernable. Just FYI: Our player is the EAD Ultradisc 2000, but whatever you're using you might as well experiment - you never know.
Auric Illuminator is 2 step tweak........first black opaque pen used to blacken inner/outer edges of CD, 2nd blue gel is applied to both sides and buffed off......the claimed total effect is improved read of CD data for various reasons, and thus improved sound, Galen Carol sells kit for $34..........Bedini II is subject of much debate, "clarifies" CD by spinning over electromagnetic field, creates polarization of CD surface which produces cleaner sound, $149 from Galen Carol.......I know, plastic and aluminum aren't magnetic, but I detect improvement and AI/Bedini II combo is even more effective together...... again not a miracle, but worthwhile and shows largest improvement on avg/poor recordings, more subtle on already good recordings, regards Sam
Thank you Sam for the Bedini info. I have to try it some time. Just don't put Armorall or freeze your CDs how beloved Stereophile told us 10-11 years ago.
I strongly recommend that you check out "Discsolution" for about $35. It's very effective at improving the sound of your CDs. Try the Bedini before you buy. I bought it, but don't care for what it does to the treble region. However, your system might like it. You have to try tweaks in your system to be sure. Goodluck.
I have changed my power receptical on my Sony 7000 cd/dvd player to one which will accept a detachable power cord (15A male panel mount). I was expecting great things but the results were not as good as expected. I have ordered a larger gauge copper chassis wire to use instead of the smaller gauge silver wire that I used. I have an article from Soundstage which raves about this tweak.
I have a Bedini and it works very well. I also use the Bedini with Marigo CD Clarifier spray -- the combo works very well. The Marigo will also mask some minor scratches. The Endust for Electronics can be found at Ace Hardware (in my area), and it is in a blue can. I will have to try this on CDs... Good Luck!!
The best tweak I've tried for cd (and dvd) is to put AudioPoints under the player. I've tried these things under lots of gear, and they seem to make more difference with lesser components. An Airmass under the points helps, too. Bigger soundstage, more air and space around instruments, better high frequency extension, less grain. Under my dvd (Panasonic A310 -$499msrp when I bought it), the AudioPoints are amazingly effective; better blacks and much tighter bass. More impact on the dvd than changing digital cables, and less money.
to WHknopp0713: what's an Airmass? Cost? Where can I get these? to HK2: she got a blue spray can of the Endust for Electronics at the local grocery. They had another antistat spray product too (black can - don't remember its name) which actually caused degradation & harshness. But it was still OK for cleaning video monitors, etc. The Yamamura spray is claimed to be 'unbelievable' but I've not tried it. Maybe high-$ stuff like the Nordost? I wonder if the Bedini is actually an ionizer device (unlike a degausser). Jcbtubes: I agree - Tweaks are like cables: something that works great at my house may sound really lame at yours, & vice-versa, yet they are both good products. You absolutely must experimemt.
Well cut/paste inserts don't work. Airmass 3 is a pneumatic component bass...

I think the best CD treatment is the Ultrabit platinum or follow-ons.  Expensive though.

You are better off to spend a bit more and eliminate the need to do any tweaks ever again to reduce jitter.  This is what you are doing after all.

A Synchro-Mesh reclocker will reduce jitter once and for all to around 8psec.  This compares to the 400psec of jitter you are getting now and trying to reduce with treatments.  Here are before and after measurements:

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Nice tip - elizabethagreed that tiny dust and smoke particles can damage the lens of any spinner.Happy Listening!