Best CD changer that can also handle DVD

I plan to install a CD changer (e.g. 5 discs) as a source of audio into the ceiling speakers around the house (independent of my separate high-end media room). This changer should also provide DVD input for a dedicated HDTV set. Audio is the primary, video the secondary purpose. Any suggestions for selecting a 'best'?
You could get a Pioneer DVD changer and have Stan Warren or Dan Wright upgrade it. Information on Dan is at; and you can search other Agon threads for Stan Warren's phone number. Check with them on what model(s) to get. It needs to be the ones with the Burr Brown DAC chip to perform well. There may be an Onkyo changer with the Burr Brown DAC as well.
I have a Denon DVM 3700 DVD changer which also plays CDs and HDCDs. The thing sounds awesome! For redbook playback, I preferred it to my Sony SCD333ES changer. You can get the Denon here or on eBay for pretty cheap.