Best CD: Cary 308, Musical Fidelity A3, Arcam CD92

All are similarly priced. Could save by going to Arcam Diva CD-72. Any thoughts or alternative suggestions in the $800 and under range?
Sorry but there is no best of anything just voiced differently. You need to describe the sound you are looking for. Every componenet has their strengths and weaknesses, what is right for you may not be right for someone else. If you can describe the sound you want from the type of music you listen to, this would help with a recommendation.

Happy Listening.
Looking for wide open soundstage with lots of detail. I listen to all types of music, including jazz, classical, rock, etc. Most important for me is clarity and depth ... I'd really like to feel as though I'm in the music, particularly with vocals and the like. My Soliloquy's have excellent midrange so bringing this far out is not too important, but ample bass is, as they have great bass for the size of the driver, but the drivers are smaller and I'm not up for investing in an sub.
In my experience, the Cary 308 was the better player. It just created a much bigger sound (wide open soundstage?)than either of the other players. It definitely had better bass. The MF sounded great too and seemed to offer more detail or at least it had me concentrating on the details more than the Cary. Listening to the same tracks on both players I discovered that the detail was there on the Cary, but I was simply more interested in the music than the details. I don't know if this makes much sense, but the MF was a more polite player than the Cary. The Arcam was just kind of sterile and not involving at all to my ears, but some people love it. I haven't yet purchased the Cary - no funds! - but it's almost certainly the one I'll end up with. Listen to each before you purchase to make sure you get what you want. Good luck! RB