Best CD AND SACD Player under 1000

Folks - looking to get rid of my Sony DVP7000 and get an amazing CD player that will do SACD, too, for under $1k. I have absolutely no need for DVD, as this is a dedicated 2-channel audio system. I'd also like to have an aftermarket modification upgrade path, though not initially.
I guesss the Sony 9000es.-- While it also is a dvd player;I can't think of anything in the price range --700/800 used---that will better this unit.
I understand that the Philips SACD1000 is a pretty decent player and can be improve through modification. I just perused this site and there are a couple for sale for around $700 used. You might try one of the lower end Sony players as well. You might want to ask one of the modders like Richard Kern (audiomod)or Jim Oade at Oade brothers. I am sure both of them will be more than honest with you.

I've had the Sony 9000es. It sounded fake to me. I also had the Rega Planet 2000. With good interconnects it sounded good. Good bass, too. Now I have the Ah! Tjoeb and the tube sound is wonderful. A friend just purchased the new Jolida 100 tube player and we replaced the Sovtek 12AX7's with Mullards and I must say, this is the most beautiful sounding player I have ever heard.

That is a good suggestion I have not personally heard that player, but I am sure it is very good. However, it has no SACD capability and while I am sure that it is better than the Philips and / or Sony on redbook, it will not compare on SACD, and when either of the Philips or Sony are modded then it will be no contest on redbook either. Again simply my opinion. But again a good suggestion, it is nice the see someone thinks of the esoteric mfg's at this price level.

I've heard many positive comments about the Marantz 8260 SACD/CD player for both SACD and redbook playback. It can be found for around $900. You may alse be interested in a Sony SCD-555ES SACD/CD changer for around $600 from will be modding 555s soon.

Best wishes.
Those of you who have modded your units - how have the companies warrantied their work? I'm a bit concerned with having problems...
I bought my SCD 777es as a dealer demo and paid $1000. It seems like the used price for these should be around that range by now. You did not mention, or I missed it, but are you willing to buy used gear? There should be some real deals for you.
I'm definitely willing/wanting to buy used gear.
Any others out there with experience in these players? I am also intrigued by SACD and have been looking at the Marantz SA-14 and SA8260, Philips 1000 and 962, and Sony 777ES and 9000ES.

Anyone out there who would recommend one over the other from a head to head experience?