Best CCR album?

I like Creedence but don't have an lp in my collection. Any recommedations on the one and only album to have?
As you may be aware, Analogue Productions has recently released 5 of CCR's LP's in re-mastered versions, and pressed at RTI's new LP facility. I bought 3 of these LP's, and must say that the vinyl quality is excellent on all of them -- very quiet, and very dynamic. If your objective is to get the LP with the largest number of CCR's "greatest hits", then "Cosmo's Factory" is the one to buy, but if you want the LP with the best sound quality, I'd pick "Willie and the Poor Boys". All of the Analogue Production CCR LP's, by the way, are $25 each.
I think "Cosmo's Factory" is the best overall album of the bunch, but "Green River" is a must, if only for the "Suzy Q" track alone.
I'll second Cosmo's Factory!
I agree with the above, but all of their albums (or the first four anyway) are good. John Fogerty was a pretty strong songwriter at that time. You probably won't be too disappointed with any of them (if you like their sound, that is).
Overall, prefer Green River. It has a darker, moodier feel to it. It does not contain Suzy Q, that is on CCR's first album (sorry, Twl).
If you want a good beginning CCR album, I would go with Willy and the Poor Boys. I love Fortunate Son.
Hope this helps.
Sorry. Well, whatever album it's on, "Suzy Q" is a must have. And so is "Fortunate Son" too.
Once again "Cosmo's Factory" is the one to pick-up first!
Their first album, Willy and the Poor Boys, Cosmos Factory (Who'll Stop The Rain-a great song about the war in Viet Nam), and Green River (There's A Bathroom On The Right) are excellent, but I've always been partial to Bayou Country.

Keep On Chooglin'
I'm a big CCR fan also. There seems to be a consensus above that Cosmo's factory and then Green River are the best of the original 5 albums, and I agree with that, ie Cosmo's Factory has the most big "hits" on it. And that order holds for the CDs too (years ago I DID have the LPs). The new CD re-masters using the JVC 20 bit K2 process are much better than the original CDs. Cheers. Craig
Thanks all for the recommendations. This is the kind of feedback that makes Audiogon one of my favorites to visit at least once daily.
CCR is also releasing there first albums on SACD. They may be out now or coming soon!
Willy And The Poor Boys, Cosmos Factoy, Green River, hell all of 'em!
Pass on Mardi Gras.

Someday Never Comes and Sweet Hitchhiker are great tunes. The others are painful. So much talent wasted.Must have been to satisify the Contract.

John Fogerty today sounds younger than he did during CCR and sings like a girlie man.
What Happened ???