Best cartridge under $800 for Graham 2.2

I have tried a Grado master and Orto Kont B. What are some other choices???? I have an Acoustic Signiture final tool. Mike
Dynavector Karat
I also have an Acoustech preamp PH1-P if that helps. Mike
Benz Micro Glider, Shelter 501,Clearaudio Virtuoso, Dynavector 17D2 are four cartridges that are in your range. Bob Graham's 2.2 is a beauty and would more than carry these well. Are you running a phono amp? Nice TT as well. Happy spinning!
Shelter 501 is a great match. Highly rated as well
I was using a Lyra Helikon w/ my 2.2 and switched to a Denon DL-103R to "sample" it... I ended up selling my Helikon.

Although the 103R doesn't have the absolute resolution and extention of the Helikon, I found it to have a better overall musicality; and ultimately prefered it in my system (SOTA Cosmos III/2.2/103R/Sutherland PhD @ 62dB/100 Ohm)

As always, YMMV.


Please be informed that Dedicatedaudio is a retailer for Shelter and the recommendation should be understood with that caveat. Thank you and good luck!!
It would help if you described what you are after: what did you like and not like about the Grado and the Ortofon?
The Grado has some sibilence. The Orto is a little bright. Mike
So you don't like brightness. From reports (no personal experience), both the Benz Glider and the Shelter seem to be your best bets from the list so far. I have heard the Benz Ace cartridge, which I found to be very pleasing, musical and smooth, quite below your budget too. I'm surprised you are experiencing sibilance with the Grado, which tonearm are you using?
Hi Blueranger, I can say that I am pretty happy with the performance of my 2.2 and Benz Glider on a Basis 2500. Mine is the Glider MO. I have been told by a few A'gon members that there is a very good step up with the Benz LO cart.

Best of luck in choosing,

Are you willing to buy used? If you are, and I see little danger in this if you buy from someone who has good feedback, then a Benz Ruby 2 is exceptionally good in the Graham. I have a 2.2 mounted on a VPI and I have used a number of cartridges, including the Shelter 501 II, in this arm. The Ruby is definitely the best of the bunch and I paid $800 for it. It does take a little courage to buy used but it is definitely worth considering.