Best Cartridge under $1000.00 for Rega 700

I have asked this in another thread, but thought it may get lost in there, so I wanted to start a new one. I have a Rega 700 TT, with TTPSU power supply, Groovetracer Subplatter, Acrylic platter and GT counter weight. I am using an EAR 834P phono preamp so low output MC is okay. I have had nothing but good advice here and am clueless about matching Carts to arms so any advice will be welcome. As I say above I want to keep it under $1000.00 to $1100.00. Any thoughts on the Lyra Dorian, or Grado Statement Platinum?
I'm kind of biased here because the next cartridge I am going to buy is the Lyra Dorian. Excellent cartridge. The Dynavector 17D MK3, (or if I could find a NOS 17D2MK2) would be my other choice in that price range.
Benz Micro Ace
you have a Rega with the RB700 arm?
Get either:
Benz Glider m $1,000 or,similar cart but cheaper diamond tip Benz Ace $700
I have a Rega P5 with the RB700 arm and the Benz Glider medium output. I raised the arm with two 2mm spacers also for the Glider to be at it's best.
I have a Kuzma with Stogi arm with a Dynavector Karat 17D3 also $1,000 but for your phono, get the Glider.. you will love it.
Agree Dorian is another good choice.
Glider is nice.My buddy likes his 17D but I would also low at Lyra Dorian.Depends when you say low if you have enough gain for Dyna since it is .23Mv.If looking for a bargain I haven't heard them but eh re-wired Zu 103's when they come back on line.I used to sell the Grado but $1200 Statement (I had $500 Sonata) can be a bit boring.People love 'em or if not hate them (well not really) but it's good choice for a mono unit no a issue for you since you can't swap carts for stereo and mono.I didn't mention Shelter because like some gear frequency extremes are good but not equal of Dyna,Lyra dn I think (though don't have the time with) Benz across the band which is desirable as not to "tilt up" or emphasizes one part of band not smooth across.I think he's still there try Bes at Music Direct.He sells it all and has heard every combo.
Thank you all, now I am torn between the Lyra and the Benz. I have a Benz silver and really like it, it was the cart that made me realize how much difference a decent cartridge can make, now of course I am never satisfied. Since I am using the EAR phono pre, will either the Glider SM or Glider SL, work for me or should I stick to the M? Between the Benz and the Dorian, which will give the greatest difference in mid range response, between it and the Dynavector 17D3, which I already have. Looking for the one to switch between with the dyna just because. I think I may be just a little bent.
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I love my Dynavector Karat 17D3 MkII and would consider the latest MkIII after this one for sure, Improvements are costly for small percentages after that IMO.
Thank you Krell. I also love my Dynavector, but being just a tad compulsive, I keep thinking that may the, (you fill in the blank) cartridge for only (see above parenthesis), dollars more, will give me the punch I am looking for. I will always be wanting better, but I will probably not get that much more with the Lyra/Benz/Clearaudio, in the same price range without significantly upgrading the rest of the system. Oh hell whats just one more cartridge!
I have the RB1000 Rega arm with the Lyra Argo i. Very good combo, very detailed and musical... like a live performance.

Dear Birdmanpa: IMHO you can add to all those other opinions these very good quality performers:

these " humble " cartridges are MM/MI designs and between other things have the advantage that does not needs additional gain stages that degrade the cartridge signal adding distortions and in the process through those additional gain stages where the signal must pass makes that the signal cartridge loose integrity and accuracy.
IMHO the analog source MM/MI alternative is worth to try it and almost " inexpensive ".

If you want to read more about you can do it here:

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I understand wanting more punch, etc. but it's not all about moving up as it is a balance because one item out of line with your taste and it will nullify the others that are close to perfect. I get plenty of attack and details with my Krell KPE reference phono because they match my sonic tastes. I have not heard the EAR 834P but it's all about the match as I am sure you are well aware and that means cables to.
Why not try one of those MM models?IWhat do have to lose?Sell it if you don't like it.It seems the vast majority of audiophiles automatically assume those lower to mid line MC's wiil sound better than any MM cartridge.There are people who think that MP-50(for example)competes with MC's costing more than $1000.00.
I have decided to add the Grado Statement Master, to my collection, for my Rega P5. I got a good deal on Agon, and am awaiting delivery. I have since become aware of a potential hum problem with a Grado/Rega/VPI, combination. Is anyone else aware of this potential problem, due to unshielded motor in the Rega? If so, does anyone know any fixes. I really don't want to have to put the Grado up for sale as soon as it gets here.
Thanks in advance