Best cartridge match for my Phono Preamp

I have a Musical Surroundings Phonomena II+ and would like to know if anyone has suggestions on a great cartridge that matches well with the preamp. My turntable is a Music Hall MMF 5.1 with a Magic 3 cartridge (Ortofon). I also have a Grado Prestige Green, but I've not switched out this cartridge yet.
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Suggesting a cartridge is about a s difficult as recommending a pair of speakers - both are very subjective.
We would need to know more about your taste in music and what you are hoping to achieve.

The good part is that your phono preamp is one of the most versatile out there with an extremely wide range of gain and loading options. This means that it can pair well with just about any current cartridge available today with the exception of ultra low MC cartridges. So you can literally take your pick from dozens of cartridges and know that any of them would be a very good match for your phono stage.
Does your phono stage come with any kind of parameters like minimum input voltage? There should be some kind of favorite cart depending on price point and general and presentation. What did you and dislike about the Ortofon , that company alone offers staggering number cartridges to choose. My MMF-5 came with Goldring which was well suited to the table as might imagine. The Goldrings are made by a Japanese concern, You'll have to find them in these forums Nagoaka or something like hat please I mean no harm just trying to help. It is very musical.
Much like looking for speakers to match an amp, it feels like finding a cart to match a phono stage is doing it in the wrong order. Find a great cart (or speaker) that you love, and then match your amplification to that.
" ... finding a cart to match a phono stage is doing it in the wrong order. Find a great cart ... that you love, and then match your amplification to that."

I don't think that makes any sense because cartridges have a limited lifespan. If you choose the cartridge first, you're setting yourself up to want a new preamp every time you need to replace the cartridge. It's better to first select a versatile preamp that you expect to enjoy for years. A good preamp should outlast many, many phono cartidges.
Thanks everybody. I agree on the versatility of the Phonomena - it provides lots of choices. I do like the Ortofon, but wanted to see if anyone on the forum had an epiphany with a particluar cartridge using the Phonomena. My musical taste is varied, but heavy on rock and jazz. Since getting into hifi, the jazz tunes have taken precedent.