Best cartridge match for a Michell Techoarm?

I just installed a Technoarm on my Gyro SE. What cartridge would be a good match for this arm? I'm using an EAR 834P phone stage.
good luck with the responses.

I was sniffing around this arm over a year ago, with little to no information out there to help me I have one, and I love it. Sorry to say that I've only used it with an Aurum Beta S Wood Body Cart from Clearaudio, which does sound very nice.
Hi, I also have a Gyro SE with a Technoarm"A". I have tried many cartridges with this arm , Shure V15V,Goldring 1042, Ortofon MC 30, Sumiko Blue Point Special, Kontrapunkt B, thought I had the ideal match with the Rohmann but alas not to be. The cats pyjamas, bees knees and the dogs bollocks is without a doubt the Sumiko Blackbird, A high output moving coil that works with most MM phono stages. Awesome imaging , dynamics and bass . Try to listen to one and Im sure you will buy it.
Best of luck in your search.
Regards Cnocmoy10