Best cartridge for Well Tempered and Dartzeel pre?

I just aquired a Well Tempered table with "Classic arm" and need a cartridge. My budget is rather limited however and I need to stay around $1500.00. I have had two other analog setups with this was with a Dyn XV1s, and the other Koetsu Black. I know the Black is within my budget, but I would like to try something different. I would consider something used, but don't know if I have the patience to wait for the right one to come up for sale.
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When I had a WT, I used it with Benz Ruby and Lyra Lydian. It was a good match. At the moment I use a Lyra Helikon and this is a very good cartridge. I would prefer it to the 2 above. Very good detail, deep soundstage, no compression and a lively reproduction.
Thanks Syntax. When I googled WT the one system that came up had the Benz Ruby with it. A Ruby original just came up for sale for $100.00 that needs to be retipped. Do you have any idea what the approximate cost is to retip these?
Although I never listened to the WT "Classic arm" and have no direct experience with the Sumiko Pearwood Celebration II, I have listened several times to the Pearwood - Dartzeel combination and it is a very good match. It has wonderful timbres and sounds sweet but dynamic.
I owned a WTT Classic for 10 years. I used a Ruby 2 and it performed nicely with the arm. However, I would caution you regarding its use with the Dartzeel. If I remember correctly, the Dartzeel has a very liquid, slightly dark quality and I might add, so does the WTT. You might want to consider a more neutral cartridge choice such as a Transfiguration Phoenix or Axiom. I assume the Dartzeel has sufficient gain for low output cartridges.
Hello Elescher,
probably you should ask Lukaschek (owner of Benz), he offers retip Service. From what I heard, he is very fair in pricing.