Best Cartridge for VPI TNT Hot Rod +JMW12.5+SDS

Just Bought this new TT and like to do some research on cartridge. I am thinking about shelter 901, Lyra Helikon, Van Den Hul black beauty and not able to make up my mind yet. Any your suggestion will be greatly appreciated. My other system are Aieral 10T, Syrah pre-amp, ARC VT100 (6550+6922PQ) for music. Lexicon NT512 for HT application.
I haven't used that arm, but I know others here on Audiogon have used the Lyra Helikon with success on that arm. Out of the group you mentioned, I feel that the Shelter 901 is the best of the lot. It is also the lowest compliance of the 3, and may be a little too much for that arm. My feeling is that the VDH is third on your list.
Get a Lyra Helikon SL.
Twl -- I am curious. I was also thinking of using a VDH Black Beauty on a TNT Mk V with JMW 12.5 arm. What are you reservations, or is it just that you prefer the other two cartridges?
even better would be the new Colibri cartridge available on Audiogon, I believe.
Jackob, I feel that all the VDH, Clearaudio, and Benz cartridges are way overpriced. They are good cartridges, but their performance levels can be matched or exceeded at far lower price points by other makers. However, I will grant that the 35um compliance would be better for a unipivot design, than one with a very low compliance. But the JMW arms seem to be very capable with lower compliance, especially the 12.5.

If you want to spend $5k for a cart that can be equalled or bettered by a $1500 cart, then that's ok with me. I just have better places to spend the extra $3.5k.

Another excellent cartridge to consider on that arm would be the ZYX Fuji at $2k. It is extraordinarily good, and has a compliance of 12-15. Easily matches or surpasses the Black Beauty for less than half the price. I feel that the ZYX Fuji would also surpass the Helikon at about the same price.
Thanks Twl. I actually already own the VDH BB (paid $1750) and just got the VPI/JMW 12.5 setup. I was concerned that there might be compatibility issues that I hadn't heard about. Sounds as if I'll be ok.
Jackob, it sounds like you got a great bargain on your Black Beauty! At that price, it is an extremely competitive cartridge with any of the ones I mentioned, and I'm sure that is sounds great in your system. Enjoy!
Thanks Twl. I just got the table and arm and don't yet have it up and running. A guy to whom I spoke at VPI told me they have used a VDH BB with this table and arm and have gotten great results. So I'm eager with anticipation.
Thanks for your wonderful input. Jackcob, would you please let me know the results.
Jwu - Sure, I would be happy to. Currently I haven't set the system up because I need to get some spikes from VPI for the feet of the VPI stand I got and also need to get some more damping fluid for the arm.
I have a VPI Extended Aries with the JMW 12.5 on order. Can't wait. have been reintroduced to vinyl by the extraordinary phono stage in the Supratek Cortese pre.
What was suggested to me by VPI was to use an isolation platform such as Symposium Acoustics Ultra Platform. I am having Symposium buid me a 35" long platform that has a section for the motor and flywheel separated from the section that supports the table itself. this should increase the already excellent performance of this fine table. I am getting my arm with a Grado Sonata in it. I will be anxious to read findings from all of you.
Hi Ads...sounds like you are going to have a great set-up! Keep us all posted!
I also had a Grado Sonata for awhile. It was installed in an Itok arm in a Linn LP12 table. It was fine for some time but then I started to see the famous Grado rumble. Yes, the cartridge would actually quiver and jump (almost out of the grooves) and with the volumn very low!! So I purchased the VPI Aries and 10.5 arm in hopes it would be ok.......NO LUCK! I ended up with the Helikon and a Benz m2.
I have , however, heard that the Sonata (and other Grados) do work well with this arm and table. I am sure it was a bad cartridge (HOWEVER, I BROUGHT IT TO THE GRADO HIMSELF AND THEY ANNOUNCED A CLEAN BILL OF HEALTH).....Who know??

Anyway, best of luck and keep us posted!!
Be prepared for the reviews coming on the Audio Tekne.
Jwa -- I got my table (TNT Mk V and JMW 12.5) and the Van Den Hul BB up and running over the weekend. I had been using my BB in a LP12/Ekos set up for about 6 months previously. I can report that I'm delighted with the new rig. I really like the BB and it sounds wonderful in this setup. The bass performance in the new rig is MUCH better than in the LP12, and there are no areas in which the old setup outperformed the new one.
Jackcob-- I am really glad to know that you like TNT better than LP12. Yea, I bought Van Den Hul BB and looking forward to set up TT over this weekend.