Best cartridge for SME 5 Tonearm?

What would be the best cartridge for an SME5 Tonearm,using an SME20 Table....thanks

Anything under $5k (used or new)
What phono stage would you run it with?
I was told that Ortofo (I am currently using the Ortofon) are not the best matches for this arm due to the design, something like the Soundsmith or Koetsu or Dynavector will work well, would truly appreciate any input. Thanks
Pass XP-15, lots of options and adjustments available in that department.
My understanding is that the London Decca carts, especially the Jubilee, work very well with the SME V arm.
My vote would go to Lyra.
Interesting, never thought of the Decca cartridges.
Will keep that in mind.

Acoustical Systems "The Archon"

A Game Changer
The Archon, $4k looks impressive. I have to do some homework and see, looks heavy :) - Thanks for the suggestion Syntax
I think the question is what cart matches up well with the SME V, not what cartridge people like. When that is considered, the list shortens quite a bit.
Yes absolutely, I know that the V and SMW12 will work very differently with different cartridges based on the length. I need the best mechanically working cartridge for the SMEV and only then, after I can make choice on the preference. Thanks for that point.
The Benz LPS or the Benz Ruby make a good pairing with the SME V arm. A few here, including myself have used that combination with success
Anyone any experience with Dynavector XX-2 Cartridge. I was told that this combination is stunning by and SME Guru.
...I was told that Ortofo (I am currently using the Ortofon) are not the best matches for this arm due to the design,....

Absolutely not. Ortofon cartridges are a superb match with the SME tapered magnesium arms. The Cadenza series, a NOS Jubilee and the stunning Windfeld are all perfect on the SME arms as are the older style models such as the Rohmann and the MC5000.
Really, that is interesting to know.
I had one dealer who said its not a good match, they carry everthing but SME and the other said, its ok, thanks for the observation. I will definately look into it. I am using the 2M Black and its ok, I know I need a better cartridge since this was just a temporary setup, I do like the Koestu Urushi very much with the SME arm since I have used the Koesto with my SME4 arm before with stunning results and even some of the Grado under $1k did well. I have to look at the more costly Ortofon to see how they work with the SME
Also, maybe I should throw this in once the compatibility is determined....I am looking for a highly detailed but warm sounding cartridge with generous bottom end.

Hope my description is not fuzzy to all. Thanks
You can get highly detailed with a good Ortofon cartridge but you won't get warmth as such unless the recording has that warmth.

If you were just looking for a something that is... highly detailed but warm sounding cartridge with generous bottom end, then i would whole heartedly recommend something from Phase Tech/Phasemation. However those will definitely not work in a magnesium SME arm as they need a heavier arm or the tracking is poor.