Best cartridge for sme 312S tonearm

I have buyed a sme 312s tonearm, i have a technics sp10 mk2 turntable, allnic h-1201 phono pre, mcintosh mc-601 monofónic amplifier , dynaudio c4 confidence speakers, ayon cd5-s cdplayer ( use the líne preamplifier built in ), what is the best cartridge for sme 312s, between u$s 800- 1500?
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I am currently using an Ortofon 2M Black with my 312S and Technics SP10 MK2a and Porter Plinth. I think the arm and cartridge work extremely well together.
Dear Orionpcgames: You can consider too the Audio Technica AT150ANV ( 50 aniversary ne cartridge design.) you can get while it last through Lgear. The cartridge outperforms several cartridges with a price 5-6 times over it.

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You have many choices with the adjustable gain on your 1201. I don't know what the best would be but I have used a Dynavector XX2 MKII with good results. A couple others might be a Shelter or a ZYX. My 312S is on an Technics SP 10 MK II with the Krebs mod mounted on a plinth I made finished with Brazilian Koa.
I'm currently using an Airtight PC-1, but I'm interested in lower cost replacements.