Best Cartridge for SME 20/ Graham 2.2

Any suggestions for a cartridge that mates well with a SME 20/ Graham 2.2? Looking to spend $1500-$3000 new or used. The rest of my system, Air Tight step up, Audio Note M6 Pre. KR Kronzilla mono's, Dynaudio Temptation all cabling HMS. I have read on some forums that there are some cartridges in that range that do not mate well with the Graham. I have not read of any that do, so any first hand experience is welcome.
I think a ZYX R-100 Fuji low-output is an excellent choice for that. It is $2k retail. A world class cartridge. Works great with a medium mass unipivot.
I have the SME 20 with Graham 2.2 and use a Miyabi 47 and I think it is wonderful. It is very demanding of setup and proper loading. I use a Dynavector PH-100 through a Hovland MM and like it very much.
I also have a Dynavector XV-1 but prefer it more on the SME V.
Thank you both for your advise, the two cartridges are now on my short list.
Get a van den Hul Colibri
I am no analog guru, however I agree with Gladstone. Every system I have heard the Colibri in sounds great- it seems to do everything right and nothing wrong.
Strongly suggest that you audition a Lyra Titan. I have owned several Grasshoppers but not the Colibri. They tend to be fragile and do not like record warps which lessen their lives.
If you want to go with ZYX, take a look here:

ZYX Fuji

I think this would be the way to go.