I have a Grado Platinum 4.6 mv on a Rega P-25/RB-600 arm.My phono pre is in my Rogue 99 with Telefunkins and Radiotechniques.Pro-Siway MK2's to a Aleph-3 30 wpc,class A bias..MIT T-2 biwire to 92 db 8 ohm Paradigmn Reference 80's.... I get more volume than I need with this set up/room.The bass is very good,deep and tight.Many feel the Alpeh-3 lacks bass but I am very pleased.Im looking to upgrade my cartridge.At $1200 or less retail,please tell me what you feel is a KILLER rock-n-metal cartridge.I need to keep it at a medium or high output.Thanks!!
david: you ought to give the benz h2 a try. it has the high output you need (2.5mV) and sounds wonderful with any genre (i think of it as a "baby" ruby2 with easier-to-handle output). it can be had for $800 with trade-in. -kelly
Kelly,is this the H20?? My dealer,Mario of "Toys from the Attic" offered me a H20 with low hours for $749....
Slap a dynavector on it, and you'll never look back
David, if you like the platinum, why not upgrade to the Reference($1200 minus discount and trade-in) and keep the 5mV output which if your doing rock and metal should help keep the dynamics and punch your looking for while increasing overall transparency and top and bottom extension.FWIW, I'm using the Reference 1.5mV.
The H2 is the series2 version of the H2O, which doesn't have the series2 upgrades.
Just out of curiousity, are you experiencing any hum on the inner grooves which can happen with the very high output Grado's and the Rega turntables?
Benz is nice for great musicality, but lacks a lot in dynamics. I'd go for Dynavector te Katiora which is extreamly fast enough for reproducing blusts of drumbeats and fast guitar passages with clarity.
marakanetz: there you go again.

**benz is nice for great musicality, but lacks a lot in dynamics**

please, once more, tell us the source of your knowledge. you've yet to do so after several requests. thus, IMO, your views are worth, as has been said of the american vice-presidency, "as much as a warm bucket of spit." if you want it put any plainer: put up or shut up. post your bio in the "who r u" thread." then you might gain some veracity. -kelly
Ask the Needledoctor guys...I trust them.

My Dynavector 20X /P25 combo is damn good on LedZep ,SRV to Patricia Barber.