best cartridge for phono aqvox

with which cartridge you have had the best results with the phono aqvox ?
Allaerts Eco/MC-1b.Great combo-couldn't be happier.
I have tried with the phono Aqvox mkII
Dynavector xv1-s
Audio Tekne mc 6310
Lumiere dst

you, with which cartridge you had the best results?
Loreliv, Did you settle on a phono cable? Still using the XV-1S? and if so,why the search?
I like cable phono now use Audio Tekne balanced
I wanted to try the Synergistic Research tricon phono but is not available in Italy
I still xv1-s
I want to try another cartridge, and want to know what to give the best performance with the phono aqvox
Do you run into the balanced inputs? (good down to .1mV).Still think you might enjoy the Allaerts.It is a vastly different sound from anything else I have owned.
I used the Aqvox with Benz Ruby 3. Now using with Koetsu Urushi still very happy. The balanced connection port is a real plus. Good luck with your search.
good morning to everybody
don't you help me..... to find an excellent cartridge to use with the phono Aqvox 2ci mkII......?
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Dear Loreliv: You already have one of the best cartridges out there the XV-1s.
Your phono stage is a very good one and if you are not satisfied with the XV-1s quality performance IMHO it is not because your phono stage but maybe because the tonearm match, set-up, load impedance or all these factors.

What do you not like about the XV-1s quality performance?

Regards and enjoy the music.
in current mode I would think almost any quality MC cartridge would be a great match. My best guess would be that lower impedance cartridges would be slightly superior as the circuit sees the MC cartridge as a near short electrically. But then again lower impedance may just equate to higher gain. You should try and contact Norman Luebke directly. luebke*at*aqvox*dot*de what is "best" is purely subjective based on your own sonic priorities.
I agree with Ducati that lower impedance low ouput moving coils might be the best choice with the Aqvox. In reading between the lines in the various reviews almost all of the cartridges that reviewers raved about as sounding great with the Aqvox were very low impedance units.

My wood bodied Denon 103R (14 ohm internal impedance) sounds quite nice with the Aqvox; I'm not in the same league with respect to the price on cartridges being bantied about here. I'd expect that lots of them should sound pretty good if partnered with the right tonearm!
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me not to have said that Dynavector to play badly with aqvox....
me to read in web that cartridge with low impedance to play very well with aqvox...
me to ask what cartridge to use with phono aqvox and whether to play very well...
then me to look for cartridge and to try.
Dear Hdm,
I am using a Denon 103R std. with CAT SL1 Signature MK2. It sounds very good. Have you experienced with the CAT?
How about sound quality when comparable the CAT with the AQVOX?