Best cartridge for my analog system arround 500$ ?

I need your help to buy a cartridge for my analog system:

VPI HW-19 MKII with Eminent Technology et2 arm
Krell KPE Phono preamplifier

I want to spend arround 500u$s for a new cartridge. May be MM or MC.
I have no experience with cartridge, so I will apreciate all your suggest and recomendations.
If anybody has the VPI or Eminent arm, please let me know which cartrigde you use.
A used Cartridge Man Music Maker III would be a fine choice--there's one on A-gon right now in that range. Apparently Len Gregory developed the cartridge on a Forsell airbearing arm, though I say that without knowing the respective arm weights of those two arms.
check this audiogon ad.

a great deal
While I am sure many A'goners buy & sell cartridges in great condition and enjoy their purchases, please use caution when buying a used cartridge. Aside from stylus wear, the potential for cartridge damage due to accidents or poor handling are significant. I myself purchased a used stylus here, but I did so only after I was satisfied that the seller was reliable, and the stylus was in good shape.

You might even contact your arm's manufacturer for advice on a cartridge. They would likely know best what will work well in their arm.
The gain of the MM setting of the KPE is a bit low. It will be better match with MC or low output MM.
what music you like?That is my first question for cartridge choice....
Others will hate me for telling you that the Shure 97 makes a great match. Very inexpensive. I have it installed in a Denon 47F, and it sounds great, almost the equal of the Aries/Clearaudio rig that sits next to it. I've played both units into the same chain. Yes, Aries is better, but not $4,000 better. Scary.
I like Jazz. Miles Davis is my favorite musician.
Go for Denon, DL103 is the king, but the arm will be better with the DL160....
Audio Technica AT150MLX, Ortofon 2M Bronze or Black, Audio Technica AT33EV, ATOC9MLII, Denon DL301 II, Clearaudio Aurum Beta ....

For the extra $100, the AT150MLX is easily worth it over the Denon DL-160. I know, I have both.