Best cartridge for Dual 505-2

Hi guys,

I recently decided to pull the trigger on getting back into vinyl playback.  I purchased a Dual 505-2 turntable that's in great condition, and it was recently serviced.  I had a Grado Blue about 15 years ago, and I enjoyed it, so I figured I'd buy a Grado Black + to use as a basic cartridge until I get the upgrade bug and get something fancier.  I set the thing up and used a protractor to set the alignment.

I'm having serious issues with IGV (inner groove distortion), but even worse, the needle is skipping the last few minutes of every record I try (records that go the full 20 or so minutes available).  I've used the protractor to re-check the alignment, and played around with the tracking force and anti-skate settings.  No dice.  I simply cannot play the last 5 or so minutes of any record I try.

I've been researching online about this table.  One source I came across said that it was an "ultra low-mass tonearm" .  I think this tonearm was used in a number of Dual turntables.  The low mass tonearm leads me to believe that I may have jumped the gun in choosing a cartridge, as the Grado may not have a compliance that agrees with the tonearm.  I've run out of ideas about how to get this cartridge to work with my setup.  Does anyone have any advice regarding this?  I don't want to go out and blow more money if it doesn't solve the problem.
Start with a Shure97, great sound and great value, especially for vintage TT's.
Make sure the arm is not hitting the arm lift platform that raises and lowers the arm.  That might be why you can't play the end of the record.

The Shure M97xE is a great cartridge for the money.  Also an Audio Technica AT95E is pretty decent without spending big bucks.
The mass of that arm is 8.5 grams so the Grado match is not the problem. Changing cartridges will not solve the problem!  
Hey guys,

Thanks for the responses.  I brought the table to my local hi-fi shoppe and he checked out the tracking force, alignment etc.  Tracking force was a bit low, and he adjusted it correctly for the cartridge.  We hooked it up to their system and played some of their records.  No change- distortion, and then skipping towards the end of every record.  

He said that he's had zero problems with the Grado Prestige carts on many vintage tables with lighter arms, and he suspected that the tonearm bearing is shot.  Either way, any further exploration of the problem and I'm facing an hourly labor rate equal to what I paid for the table.

I walked out with a new Rega RP1, and I'm thrilled.  
I walked out with a new Rega RP1, and I'm thrilled.  

Sweet!  Nice table.
If you still have that Shure M97xe; get yourself an LP Gear Line Contact stylus for it!!!  OMG it is 1000x better than the JICO SAS (which I owned until the suspension gave out) and you will NOT regret it!!!  Totally different, full, rich, open, and not nasal (which I found the JICO SAS to be).

Here is the link: